Steve Wilkos Show

Steve, She Controls My Every Move More

"On an all new Steve Wilkos Show, Joe started accusing Heather of cheating two weeks into their relationship. He employs drastic measures to catch her and their fights at times would get physical, until he finally had her take a lie detector test in their hometown. However he didn't believe the results. So now he questions if Heather's 14 month old daughter is really his. Plus, just last week, while Cassandra and Gerald were discussing their future, Gerald proposed. But Cassandra says she won't

True Crime Files

Happily Never After: The Bride Wore Blood More

"Lovely tina has just married the man of her dreams, luis. But ten hours after saying ?I do,? Marital bliss takes a grisly turn to murder. Police race to a post- reception party that?S now a brutal crime"

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The Andy Griffith Show

A Singer in Town More

"Aunt Bee and Clara have written a song about Mayberry that they want a visiting singer to perform on his television special."

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The Andy Griffith Show

Opie's Girlfriend More

"Helen's niece comes for a visit and proves to be both very pretty and very talented in athletics. Trouble is that she beats Opie in almost every sport there is. She actually really likes Opie as a BOY and needs her Aunt Helen to help her to get Opie to like her."

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