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7:00PM Kung Fu

All New. Rage - When the retrieval of a weapon doesn't go as planned, Nicky (Olivia Liang) takes matters into her own hands.

8:00PM Nancy Drew

All New. The Celestial Visitor - As things begin to go haywire at The Claw, a striking stranger appears looking for Nancy and announces himself as...

9:00PM The Drew Barrymore Show

10:00PM Seinfeld

Kramer decides that daylight saving time isn't coming fast enough, so he sets his watch ahead an hour. Mike, the guy who once referred to Jerry as...


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Supergirl Star Azie Tesfai Sits Down for a CW Spotlight Interview

Azie Tesfai opens up about her character, Kelly Olsen in Supergirl, on another #CWSpotlight interview.

Chicago Sky Broadcast Schedule for The U & CW26

Chi-Town is Sky-Town! Watch Candace Parker and the powerful women of The Chicago Sky dominate the court this season. Catch their televised games on The U and CW26.

Can the Real Clark Kent Please Stand Up?

While Superman was recharging his Kryptonian powers at the Fortress of Solitude for the last month, we looked back at some of the greatest Superman moments.

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