The King of Queens

Weeknights & Sundays at 9P & 9:30P Kevin James stars in this unforgettable comedy. Doug and Carrie Heffernan can’t help but get on each other’s nerves, a problem made worse by her father, who lives in their basement.
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Rayny Day

When Ray Barone calls and asks Doug if he wants to play golf at his private club, Doug cancels on his friend Richie who he was going to spend the day with in order to comfort him after his divorce. But when a huge thunderstorm lets loose, Doug's day of golf turns into a fiasco, and he high-tails it back to his garage to Richie. Meanwhile, Ray's mother, Marie, arrives at the Heffernan's early to pick Ray up and gives Carrie a lesson in cleaning which Carrie milks for all it's worth.


Listen up, Judge Judy has more to say about The King of Queens!

Judge Judy's going to take a back seat on this one...Carrie's got it covered! Watch Judge Judy weekdays at 4P & 5P then stay tuned for The King of Queens weeknights at 9P & 9:30P on CW26.

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