Couples Court

Woods v Brooks


Paternity Court

Wilson/ Nicola v Eddy (Pt.2)


Personal Injury Court


Protection Court

I Was 19, He Was 40


The People's Court


The People's Court


Steve Wilkos Show

You're Accused Of Raping A Minor More

"While Taylor and Josh have not been the poster for the perfect couple, they've always been happy. They have a child together and everything was coming along well until Josh found himself accused by several women of rape. Taylor decided to protect her daughter and left Josh and refuses to let him see her until he can pass a lie detector test. Josh admits to having sex with women but insists that it was always consensual. Can Josh clear his name despite the mounting evidence that is stacked against him? Then, William was convicted for forcing an 11 year old to perform a sexual act on him. He's a registered sex offender for life but this didn't scare away his wife Cindy, who met William while on parole. She hopes that he can come on the show to clear his name so that he's not viewed as a pedophile."

The King of Queens

Hartford Wailer More

"Doug crashes Carrie's weekend company retreat, not realizing she's blown it off for a relaxing day with her girlfriends. Meanwhile, Danny and Spence pose as staff to sneak into a Huey Lewis concert."

The King of Queens

Surprise Artie More

"Doug must keep up with Arthur while Carrie organizes his 75th birthday surprise party. When Doug loses Arthur, Carrie must find him."

Mike & Molly

Mike's Manifold Destiny More

"Car problems put Mike at a crossroads as he contemplates whether to ask Carl for a loan."

Mike & Molly

Joyce's Choices More

"Joyce's decision to have dinner with an ex-boyfriend doesn't sit well with Vince."
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Chapter Sixty-Three: Hereditary - As Archie struggles to keep the neighborhood kids away from Dodger's influence, he turns to an unexpected ally for help.

Nancy Drew


The Mystery of Blackwood Lodge - Nancy finds herself in the curious position of having to strike a deal with Horseshoe Bay's newest and most suspect widower.

2 Broke Girls

And The Big Hole More

"Caroline gets fired for insulting the diner and Max does her best to get Caroline and Han to make up."

2 Broke Girls

And Strokes of Goodwill More

"Caroline is disappointed when Max takes her clothes shopping at Goodwill, especially when an argument breaks out over a Strokes t-shirt. Meanwhile, Caroline tries to get Max to do best friend things with her."


The Summer of George More

"Receiving three months pay as a severance package from the Yankees, George decides to make the most of his summer. Jerry asks out a waitress, but when she accepts, he's surprised to learn that she already has a live-in boyfriend. Elaine has trouble dealing with a female co-worker, but the situation is perceived by others as a "catfight". Kramer gets a job filling seats at the Tony Awards, and ends up receiving an award himself."


The Calzone More

"George becomes Steinbrenner's pet, when he shares an eggplant calzone with him. Kramer is raving about wearing clothes "straight out of the dryer." Jerry thinks that Elaine's boyfriend is dating her without really ever asking her out. He offers to bring Jerry some Cuban cigars from Canada. Jerry takes advantage of his girlfriend's ability to get anything she wants. Kramer searches for quarters for the dryer; when he can't find anymore, he starts using an oven. George gets into tip trouble with the counter guy at the calzone shop and he works out an arrangement with Newman. That is unless of course it's raining (Newman doesn't deliver mail in the rain); Kramer helps out."

How I Met Your Mother

The Wedding Bride More

"Ted realizes the new Hollywood film "The Wedding Bride"--which was written by Stella’s boyfriend, Tony—is based on Ted and Stella’s now-defunct relationship."

Family Guy

Three Directors More

"In a special anthology-style episode, Peter gets fired from his job at the brewery in the signature styles of three famous Hollywood film directors."

Bob's Burgers

The Hauntening More

"As the Belchers ready for Halloween, Louise reveals that she's never been scared by anything, so the family pays a visit to a spooky haunted house, where things start going bump in the night."

The Game

Baby B.S. More

"Kelly is happy when she finds out Jason wants to have another baby. But when Tasha offers her a job at her management firm, Kelly has a quick change of heart. Meanwhile, when R&B singer Drew Sidora starts calling Derwin on a consistent basis he realizes their recent flirtation has gone a step too far. Tia Mowry and Hosea Chanchez also star."

The Game

Rules Of The Street More

"Malik is recruited by an attractive trainer for physical therapy on his arm. Tasha is confronted about hiding her pregnancy from the two potential fathers. Blue struggles with whether to take the fall for Keira after his arrest."

Paid Program


Impractical Jokers

Speech Impediment


How I Met Your Mother

No Tomorrow More

"Ted takes a page from Barney's book, and lives like there's no tomorrow during a legendary St. Patrick’s Day celebration; and he gets a post-revelry reality check from Marshall."

Supreme Justice


Couples Court

Allen v Anderson