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Steve Wilkos Show

My Fiance Almost Killed Me, Was It On Purpose? More

Today on the Steve Wilkos Show, Linda and Brandon were ready to plan their future until the unthinkable happened. The couple got into a heated exchange and Brandon got in his car and backed into Linda. He insists that it was an accident, but Linda and her family believe he had malice in his heart. But only a lie detector test can answer this burning question.

The Jerry Springer Show



The King of Queens

Block Buster More

Doug has his old football teammates over; Meanwhile, Spence tries to get his revenge on the football players for what they did to him in high school.

The King of Queens

S’poor House More

The mold problem in the Heffernan household grows and Doug and Carrie find out to fix the problem will cost them $12,000! Doug, with his tail between his legs, goes to his father to ask for the money, but hits a wall when he wants to know why he and Carrie don't have it in the bank. When Doug has to admit they have no savings, his dad wants to comb through their financial books to see where all the money is going. This prompts Doug to limit Carrie on her "wild spending," which does not go over w

Mike & Molly

Carl Meets A Lady More

Carl attempts to get a date with an attractive woman he met at the diner.

Mike & Molly

Near Death Do Us Part More

An on-duty, near-death experience leaves Carl shaken, which leads to a decision to propose to Victoria.

Katy Keene


Chapter Three: What Becomes of the Broken Hearted - With everything a little off between Katy and KO, Katy tries to make everything perfect for Valentine's Day, so she can avoid what she is truly feeling.

Dogs Of The Year


Dogs of the Year - Join Kevin Frazier and Nischelle Turner from the American Kennel Club Museum of the Dog in New York City as they count down the Top 10 dog stories of 2019.

2 Broke Girls

And the Partnership Hits the Fan More

A law firm that's courting Randy for a job invites him and Max to dinner at a hip new restaurant with eclectic cuisine, but the evening veers off course when things don't sit well with Max.

2 Broke Girls

And The Wedding Cake Cake Cake More

Max and Caroline agree to make a wedding cake for a bride (Lindsay Lohan) who can't decide on what style of cake she wants, or much of anything else.


The Cadillac, Part 1 More

Jerry surprises his parents by buying them a new Cadillac, when his last job really pays well. Kramer who now knows about what Jerry makes says it will change their relationship. It certainly changes his relationship with Elaine, she's interested again. George reconsiders his engagement when one of Elaine's friends tells him that she could have set him up with Oscar winning actress, Marisa Tomei. The cable company wants to see Kramer and he takes the opportunity to get revenge on them. George wa


The Soup More

Elaine brings over a man she met in England and he turns out to be a real bounder. Jerry accepts an Armani suit from an obnoxious comedian, the only condition, he must treat him to a meal at a restaurant; however, what makes up a meal. George goes for a walk with a waitress from Monk's and manure in the path sums up his relationship with her. After his kidney stone, Kramer decides to eat only fresh foods.

How I Met Your Mother

Something Old More

Robin attempts to find a locket she buried in Central Park years earlier; Ted helps Lily and Marshall decide what they’re bringing to Italy; Barney bonds with Robin’s father during a laser tag game.

Bob's Burgers

Work Hard or Die Trying, Girl More

On the Season 5 premiere, Gene's musical based on "Die Hard" isn't selected as the school's fall play, so he, with help from Louise, stages a production to run on the same night as Wagstaff Middle School's performance of a "Working Girl"-inspired musical that features Tina.

The Game

The Wedding Night (Part 1) More

Chardonnay goes on an emotional roller coaster ride after getting jilted at the altar. Kelly rebuffs Jason's declaration of love and tries to make amends with Chardonnay. Jason is torn between both women. Meanwhile, Pookie fulfills his fatherly duties, which causes Tasha to think they could possibly be a family. Malik forges Yana's signature so he can arrange football tryouts. Keira and Blue's elopement plans stall.

The Game

How Tasha Got Her Groove back More

Malik tells Tasha that he is having problems with the offensive coordinator, Kenny, so she sets out to settle the problem. At the end, Tasha and Kenny disagree about Malik's career but end up liking each other.

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Impractical Jokers

You're Cut Off


How I Met Your Mother

Oh Honey More

Ted goes out on a date with Zoey’s hot cousin, Honey; Marshall discovers that Zoey is divorcing her husband, opening the door for a relationship between her and Ted.

Supreme Justice


America's Court