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Jack Hanna's Animal Adventures

Making Waves More

"From the Bahamas, Jack takes a look at some of his favorite marine adventures, including face-to-face encounters with sharks, dolphins, sea lions and a variety of whales. Jack also reflects on some special children and their special gifts from the sea."

Key of David


Celebrity Page

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Pickler and Ben

P&B’s Gingerbread House Showdown! More

"Kellie and Ben chat with Shark Tank’s KEVIN O’LEARY about one of his favorite and most successful investments, Lovepop, pop-up greeting cards! It’s Kellie versus Ben in a gingerbread house showdown with chef JASON SMITH and chef JERNARD WELLS as judges! Singer DAVID ARCHULETA performs “Christmas Every Day!” And, it’s “P&B Picks” with lifestyle correspondent RACHEL SMITH, who shares the best deals featured on MorningSave.com/PicklerandBen!"

Through The Decades


Who Wants To Be a Millionaire?


Corrupt Crimes

Death in Russia More

"Russian journalist, Anna Politkovskaya is a world-renowned writer and human rights activist who is shot dead in the elevator of her apartment block in central Moscow. Reports indicate a contract killing. But who is behind this very public assassination?"

Killer Mysteries


"A devious plan to kill a prominent politician in Reno, NV, and in Coventry, England an office romance gets out of hand and leads to a woman’s disappearance."

True Crime Files


Forensic Files

Double Trouble More

"In 1995, when off-duty Maine State Trooper Vicky Gardner is attacked by Steven Fortin during a routine stop, it triggers a chain of events which jumpstarts a stalled murder case in New Jersey. The Maine attack appears strikingly similar to the brutal sexual assault and murder of Melissa Padilla in New Jersey. There is very little forensic evidence in the New Jersey crime, but the signature the killer left behind – the ritualistic bite mark similarities in both of these crimes – identified him j

Forensic Files

The Cheater More

"The death of Walter Scott, better known as Walter Notheis Jr., lead singer for the 1960s band Bob Kuban and the In-Men, is detailed. He disappeared In 1983. The husband of a woman Scott was involved with was later arrested and convicted of murdering both Scott and his unfaithful wife."


Coast To Coast More

"In Las Vegas, Officer Curtis assists a man who physically detained a suspect after some vandals smashed out the window of his SUV. In Travis County, TX, Deputy Hawkins assists a woman who claims she was trying to comply with a court order to move out of a home but was stopped when the owner refused to allow movers to enter the residence. In Atlanta, GA, Officers Betts and Demester question a driver who claims he borrowed the car he’s driving from a friend and was not aware that it was stolen.


Coast To Coast More

"In Santa Ana, CA, Officer Witt discovers a cocked gun and bullets in the pockets of a young suspect riding an unlicensed bicycle in an area known for gang activity. In Gwinnett County, GA, Officer Bell arrests a young man for drug dealing, and explains the implications to the suspect’s mother, who had no knowledge of her son’s activities and might lose her apartment if she doesn’t cooperate with the investigation. In Las Vegas, NV, Officer Cook sorts out a dispute between quarreling lovers."

Live PD: Police Patrol


Corrupt Crimes

Death in Russia More

"Russian journalist, Anna Politkovskaya is a world-renowned writer and human rights activist who is shot dead in the elevator of her apartment block in central Moscow. Reports indicate a contract killing. But who is behind this very public assassination?"

Family Guy

HTTPete More

"To help promote the brewery to millennials, Peter adopts the millennial lifestyle, and his methods soon attract the attention of a high-powered Silicon Valley executive."

Family Guy

Bigfat More

"Peter, Quagmire and Joe take a road trip to Canada but their private plane crashes and Peter goes missing for two months. When his family finds him, he no longer can communicate intelligently."

King of The Hill

Sug Night More

"When Hank has a dream about he and Nancy grilling hamburgers in the nude, Peggy tries to figure out a way to win her husband back."

American Dad

Brains, Brains, and Automobiles More

"Steve and Hayley take off for the summer, Stan poisons Roger to keep him from leaving the house so Francine won’t find out how boring Stan is."

Pawn Stars

The Offer More

"Start your engines with the Pawn Stars as the guys check out a 1956 Chevy drag racing car. Custom built for the 1/4 mile, will the guys race to make an offer or will negotiations stall? Then, when a guy brings in a historic magician "sawing in half" box the guys learn that cutting Chumlee in half is the easy part...putting him back together is a bit tougher. And later, Corey shocks Rick and the Old Man when he tells them he's considering a job offer from another pawn shop."

Pawn Stars

Hair Force One More

"Float on air with the Pawn Star's when the guys check out a hovercraft. Originally designed for the 2000 Olympic ceremonies, will it have them walking on water or drowning in sorrow? Then, Rick and Corey are offered a trading card containing a strand of George Washington's hair. Will they try to cut a deal? And later, the guys decide its time for Chumlee to lose weight. Can a trip to the nutritionist change his unhealthy ways?"

The Game

Je-Rome Wasn’t Built in a Day More

"Melanie cautiously agrees to go on a date with a new guy name Jermone at the sky box for the Sabers game. Derwin, furious, decides to take Malik's advice and use his energy on the game. Meanwhile, Kelly and Tasha compete to get an endorsement deal for Jason and Malik."

Dr. Phil

A Woman Claims To Be Pregnant For 3 Years 7 Months More

"Pregnancy is usually a time of baby showers, nesting, indulging in some fun food cravings and being pampered. But Dr. Phil's guests, Shayna and Zona, say they're getting all of the pain and none of the perks of an expectant mother. They say their pregnancies have lasted well more than 9 months. Zona claims she's been pregnant more than three-and-a-half years, and no one believes her. Shayna claims she's been pregnant more than a year. Both of these women say they are desperately looking for ans

Impractical Jokers

Cyber Buddies More

"Things get explosive when the guys revive some classic jokes at their own expense. Then, they go head-to-head debating nonsense in a humiliating elimination challenge."

Rules Of Engagement

After the Lovin' More

"Frustrated by his boss blaming him for burning his mouth on hot soup, Timmy (Adhir Kalyan) has a special spoon created for Russell (David Spade). Audrey’s (Megyn Price) plan backfires when she tries to seduce Jeff (Patrick Warburton) in the bedroom in order to get him to complete household tasks."

How I Met Your Mother

End of the Aisle More

"With only a half-hour to go, both Barney and Robin have panic attacks about their upcoming nuptials. Meanwhile, Marshall and Lily rewrite their old wedding vows."

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Best Pranks in the Park


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