Happy Svengoolie / Rich Koz Day!

Did you know that in Illinois Friday, October 31, has been officially decreed Svengoolie Day by a house resolution from the IL General Assembly? Click here for the full text of House Resolution 1041! Furthermore, by order of Resolution R2014-548, the city of Chicago has proclaimed Friday, October 31,"Rich 'Svengoolie' Koz Day"! Click here for details and to download the Resolution PDF! Also, Svengoolie will be a guest on 'You & Me This Morning' during the 8 AM hour on Halloween, Friday, October 31. 

Carve a Svengoolie Jack-O-Lantern

Don't know jack about jack-o-lanterns? Download our free Svengoolie pumpkin carving template and turn that oversized gourd into a spitting image of Svengoolie! Send us a photo of your carved pumpkin bearing Svengoolie's visage and we may include it in our Svengoolie jack-o-lantern photo gallery!

Click here to upload your photo!

Click here to view our gallery of Svengoolie jack-o-lanterns submitted by loyal Svengoolie fans!

Halloween Programming on MeTV

Tune in to The U's sister station, MeTV, on Friday, October 31, for a full day of Memorable Entertainment Television, hosted Svengoolie! That's right, our resident horror host will preside over an entire day and night of the creepiest, scariest episodes of your favorite classic television programs. Click here to see MeTV's Halloween schedule!