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Best Pranks on the Street


Ocean Mysteries with Jeff Corwin

Hunt for Lionfish


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Through The Decades


Doctor and The Diva

"It’s Tuesday and you know what that means on Doctor and the Diva…it’s time to hunt for hidden treasures on another Treasure Hunt Tuesday! But first, Kimberley and Dr. Steve hook up two hair-stressed parents with a special hair-stylist who will help them do their adopted children’s do’s!"



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Personal Injury Court


Protection Court

I Just Wanna Know What's Going On


Pawn Stars

Guns Blazing More

"An incredibly rare gun in the shape of a 9-shot LeMat revolver arrives at the store. A tyre signed by legendary NASCAR driver Dale Earnhardt and a Donkey Kong handheld game are also brought to the store."

Pawn Stars

Family Feud More

"The guys experience some family drama when a rifle from the Hatfield-McCoy feud is brought into the shop; a painting by rock and roll artist Denny Dent is brought in; a guy comes in with an inkwell owned by William Andrews Clark, a prominent figure in Las Vegas history."

True Crime Files

Happily Never After: Ice Cold Heart More

"Young sweethearts lisa and matthew say "i do" after a four year courtship. Exactly two months later, the bride vanishes on christmas eve and the groom leads the search for her. As the family struggles with"

Forensic Files

Ghost in the Machine More

"Forensic science is needed to find out why a woman would take her own life."

Forensic Files

Within a Hair More

"In 1996, a serial rapist preyed on women, both young and old, in South Bend, Indiana. Eventually, three victoms identified the same man as the perpetrator. But what happens when forensic evidence points to one man, while the victoms are pointing to another?"
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Chicago Sky Basketball

Chicago Sky vs. Dallas Wings


Dr. Phil

A Parent Accused: Jim Confronts His Children More

"Dr. Phil continues to speak with parents, Liz and Jim, about why each blames the other for their son's drug addiction. Liz says she blames what she calls Jim's abusive parenting philospophy for their son retreating to drugs, which Jim vehemently denies. Find out what happens when Jim faces his daughter, Chloe, and son, Nic. Will they support their mother's accusations against their father?"

Steve Wilkos Show

Horrific Child Abuse Continues? More

"On today's episode of the Steve Wilkos Show, a sister stepped up to protect her nephew. A viral video that shocked a community and a father accused of molesting his own daughters. Don't miss as we recap these stories and provide updates to abhorrent acts committed against these children."

Steve Wilkos Show

I'm Not A Rapist And I Didn't Molest Your Daughter More

"On all new Steve Wilkos Show, when Roland and Angelena first got together, he warned Angelena about disturbing accusations from his past. Despite that, Angelena stayed with Roland. But when her mother, Anna, found out that Roland was accused of raping his own relative she took immediate action because she feared that her daughter and granddaughter could be the next victims. Roland wants the accusations to stop, but Anna believes that Roland has put his hands on her granddaughter and wants him t

Couples Court

Babino v Brunson


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The Andy Griffith Show

The Barbershop Quartet More

"The Barbershop Quartet is missing one singer when Howard develops a sore throat. Andy, much to his dismay, must bring along a chicken thief who is a great singer. Andy has deep misgivings about this fellow and whether he will actually sing or try to break free."

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The Andy Griffith Show

The Lodge More

"Andy invites Howard to join "The Regal Order of the Door to Good Fellowship" lodge. Howard's mother doesn't like the idea of Howard being around the other men, so she concocts a scheme whereby Howard will be denied membership. It's all a big misunderstanding, and Howard eventually is allowed to join the lodge."

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