Let's Feed Chicago 2022: Our Commitment to Chicago

Let's Feed Chicago 2022 is Underway!

CW26, The U, and MeTV FM are committed to giving back to the community which is why, along with partners, the Beam Legal Team and Chicago Sun-Times, we have forces to fight hunger in Chicago. The 2nd annual Let’s Feed Chicago food drive is underway, and we are asking for your help.

Why You Should Give

One in seven people in Cook County will experience food insecurity this year. Any donation, no matter the size, will make an immediate impact on hunger in the community. Every dollar donated to the Greater Chicago Food Depository provides three meals for hungry Chicagoans.

Photo courtesy of the Greater Chicago Food Depository

Who's Hungry?

Hunger is year-round in every neighborhood and suburb of Chicago and affects people of all ages, genders and races including children, older adults and working families. But In the winter, families must often choose between paying for heat or buying food. They often turn to the Food Depository to make ends meet. Your donation makes a difference in the lives of these families.

Photo courtesy of the Greater Chicago Food Depository

The Effect of Covid-19

According to Feeding America, more than 42 million people experienced food insecurity in 2021, including a potential 13 million children, due to the continued effects of the pandemic. With more people than ever needing the Food Depository, your gift will provide food to those who need it most.

Photo courtesy of the Greater Chicago Food Depository

Our Sponsors

Our thanks to the Beam Legal Team, which is proud to help the Greater Chicago Food Depository feed Chicago, and the Chicago Sun-Times for their assistance in Let’s Feed Chicago.

To help feed fellow Chicagoans in need CLICK HERE and donate today!