Felicia Lawrence chats about money, travel, and her ultimate bucket list

You get to see Felicia Lawrence moving and grooving with 'The Jam' crew every morning. However, when she is not on-air, she is researching the latest financial tips or planning her next travel experience. Keep reading to find out her sources for financial planning and tips on how to live a "rich life." 

How did you become interested in finance? 

As a black woman, we are so far behind the curve when it comes to finance. We are taught money isn't everything, which is 100% true. However, it means a lot. It determines where we live and the lifestyle we are able to lead. Money is power for women. I became interested in finance at the end of my college years. I was thinking that I am starting off my life and about to earn money. I don't want to make the same mistakes that I have seen others make or even people in my own family. I wanted to start off on the right foot.

What are some of your go-to books or podcasts that you listen to for finance tips?

I am currently reading the second installment of Robert Kiyosaki's Rich Dad Poor Dad. This one is called Rich Dad's Cashflow Quadrant: Guide to Financial Freedom. It is all about investments and how to make a profit from it. I also read Yahoo Finance and Forbes.

I am also getting daily tips from Investopedia. I am attempting to surround myself with information and do anything I can do to boost my knowledge. This is a process and I am learning more every day. 

We know that your interest in finance goes hand-and-hand with your love for travel. What are some of your dream travel destinations?

I love to travel! I probably don't talk about it enough on the show. That is my dream of what I want a "rich life" to look like. I want to travel the world with my family and I want to do it with a little style (laughs). I don't want to have to rough it everywhere. That is why I work hard. That is why I think it is important to have obtainable goals and grow with your goals.

I encourage everyone to get out of their comfort zone, go some place you have never been, talk to someone new and eat food you have never tasted. Expand your horizons. 

Do you have a bucket list?

Besides everywhere! (laughs)

Where I would like to go in the immediate future...I would love to spend some significant time in Europe. We are talking about yachting in the South of France, going to the Eiffel Tower and visiting a coffee shop in Amsterdam. 

I also would love to go on a family trip to South Africa. I have been there before but only spent a day there. I want to take my family there.

What has been your favorite excursion?

How can you pick just one? 

I would have to say Cuba. I went to Cuba in 2012. That was before it was really open to visit yet. I went as a journalist to do a project. 

I also scuba dive. The last place I did this was in the Dominican Republic. 

How was that?

I almost did not go because I was scared. Now I am one dive away from being certified. 

I thought about all of the amazing things that I would not get see if I did not do it. It is another world down there. 

Photo: Instagram/officialfelicia

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