Evanston Township Freshman, Blake Peters, attempts to re-create the viral game-winning shot

Only a few seconds left on the clock and your team needs a three-point shot to win the game. You are at the opposite end of the court. Do you attempt the shot from over 70 feet across the court or pass it?

Well, Evanston Township freshman Blake Peters took a chance and made an epic game-winning shot that could rival the pros. However, this humble high-school hoopster did not want to absorb all of the spotlight. He acknowledged his team.  

Now the burning question is… can he make the shot again? He said that he has tried, but mostly they have hit the wall. 

If you missed the epic shot, watch below. Stay tuned for more nail-biting local basketball action on The U Too. For more Chicagoland high-school sports check our Game of the Week schedule here!