CTA expects first fare hike since 2009

The Chicago Transit Authority is expecting a fare increase in January. The base fare will increase by $0.25 and the monthly pass will increase by $5. This is the first fare hike since 2009. Factors such as funding cuts led to this decision.

CTA President Dorval R. Carter, Jr. elaborated on the rationale behind the fare increase. "First, earlier this year the state cut CTA’s annual funding level by $33 million. That’s the equivalent of 50 bus routes. That cut, coupled with historically low gas prices, new marketplace competition and other factors, posed an unprecedented challenge to our budget. In essence, money on which we’ve traditionally relied simply wasn’t there." 

The 2018 CTA budget has not yet been approved: however, if it is approved the fare increase will be effective on January 7, 2018.