The Family of Marlen Ochoa-Lopez Calls for a Harsher Sentence for Accused Killers

The family of slain 19-year-old mother Marlen Ochoa-Lopez was in court yesterday, calling for a stiffer prison sentence for the three people accused in her death. Investigators say Clarisa Figueroa murdered Ochoa-Lopez after luring the 19-year-old to her home with the promise of free baby items. According to CPD detectives, Figueroa strangled Ochoa-Lopez with the help of her daughter Desiree and cut Ochoa-Lopez's baby from her womb. During a press conference at the courthouse, the slain mother's family said that the maximum prison sentence of up to 30 years in prison is not enough. The incident left the baby in intensive care. Although doctors say he's been breathing on his own, the baby boy has a long road to recovery.

06/04/19 9:51AM