New Uber Freight Headquarters to bring thousands of jobs

Uber is doubling down on its 2-year-old long haul trucking venture, and it brings Chicago along for the ride. The new Uber Freight Headquarters at the Old Main Post Office will mean more than 2,000 new jobs for the city and about $200 million annually in investments.Mayor Lori Lightfoot said the hiring process is going to represent the diversity found in the city. She'll have the help of the Chicago Cook Workforce Partnership. Uber actually gave CCWP an $80 thousand grant fund, which is part of the company's Community Impact Initiative.Then there's the issue of congestion. Chicago's expressways and main roads are full of traffic during the most traveled times of the day; one main concern is what is going to happen once more freight trucks start occupying those same roads.Lightfoot said there's not enough data to come up with a solution right now, but she assured it's being worked on because easy commuting is something everyone wants. Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi says his company understands the issue and is looking to participate and encourage a solution.

09/10/19 9:30AM