Watch Encore Airings of Svengoolie On CW26

September 16, 2020 12:18PM

You can watch encore airings of Svengoolie Saturday mornings at 11A on CW26!

Watch the premiere horror show icon of Chicago bring you the classic Universal horror films and more, many of which have not been seen on broadcast television in years.

This Saturday at 11A watch the 1972 horror film Night of the Lepus with Svengoolie on CW26!

From Svengoolie here's what you can expect to see this Saturday:

This 1972 movie with the absurd premise ( actually based on a novel “The Year of the Angry Rabbit”!) has long been a cult classic. We’ll introduce the cast, including big names like Janet Leigh, Rory Calhoun, Stuart Whitman, and Star Trek’s “Bones” himself, DeForest Kelley- and bring you a few segments from our original showing of this movie a quarter of a century ago- a look at the “special” effects- plus a new song! We have edited some of the more grisly shots- and hope you will be gratified to know that no rabbits were harmed in the production of this film- especially when we tell you what the “blood” you see on the bunnies actually is!

Learn more about Night of the Lepus from Svengoolie's website here.

Don't forget to watch encore airings of Svengoolie Saturday mornings at 11A on CW26 and new episodes Saturday nights at 7P on MeTV!