Stephen Amell Reflects On End Of Arrow

February 19, 2020 3:43PM

After playing the lead on The CW's hit show Arrow, Stephen Amell is reflecting on his run as The CW's first superhero.  

For Amell, the final days were tough at times. He was closing not only a professional chapter of his life but also a personal one.

“I knew leaving the show was going to be terribly sad. I’m not gonna see David Ramsey all the time and the crew. I’ve made so many friends. My life was in Vancouver, where we filmed, for the last eight years. My daughter was born there, and the last season premiered on her sixth birthday, so it was a significant chapter of my life.”

But at the same time Amell knew there was always going to be an end for Arrow.

"All of my favorite shows have always had an ending. Like I didn’t like season three of Lost, then they announced they were going three more years and I loved seasons four, five and six. I think the quality improved because they set an end date for themselves and I liked the ending of it. I like most TV endings. I liked Seinfeld, and I loved the last episode Game of Thrones. I don’t know why people don’t like them."

Thankfully we won't be with Stephen Amell in our lives for too long.

Amell has already landed his next acting role and will also be in Chicago for the upcoming C2E2 Expo February 28th - March 1st.

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