Nancy Drew Cast Talks Father-Daughter Dynamic

September 17, 2019 3:40PM

Off-camera Kennedy McMann and Scott Wolf found immediate chemistry. On-screen their character conflict is what helps define Nancy Drew for a new generation. 

Unlike the book series bearing the same name, CW's new show Nancy Drew features an older version of Nancy who is living at home with her father after graduating high school. Even though the father-daughter duo lives together, they don't always see eye to eye.

You have two people who are fundamentally as connected as two people can be who have just lost each other, and there’s this chasm between them and they have lost the ability to find the other - Scott Wolf

Scott, who plays Nancy Drew's father, detailed for Variety his and Kennedy McMann's on-screen relationship as a chasm. But unlike most father-daughter television dynamics, Nancy Drew's conflict comes from two characters being too similar instead of being too different.


"When they argue, they’re both so good at it — because they think in the same ways, so they’re both a step ahead of each other. It’s super interesting, the intellectual debates they have because they’re cut from the same cloth,” Kennedy says.

Unfortunately for Nancy Drew, she'll have to juggle not only inter-family conflicts but also being at the center of a murder investigation on the first season of the show.

You can watch Nancy Drew live when it premieres on October 9th on Chicago's New Home for The CW, CW26.