New This Fall on CW26

September 13, 2021 12:00PM

CW26 has many exciting changes coming up in the next few weeks with new shows and old favorites coming to the station. Plus, we want to keep you on top of the programming moves so you know where and when you can watch your shows.

Check out the full schedule here

For fans of courtroom drama, we have got it for you weekdays on CW26 – with 10+ hours of drama, verdicts, and judges that you know and love. Check out CW26's court lineup below 

With so many changes, find out which of your favorite shows are on the move to new times. 

  • King of Queens Monday, September 6
    • now at 11P and 11:30P beginning Monday, September 6
  • Steve Wilkos Show 
    • now at 10A beginning Monday, September 6
  • 2 Broke Girls 
    • Now at 12A &12:30A beginning Tuesday, September 7
  • Funny You Should Ask
    • at 1A beginning Monday, September 13
  • Family Guy 
    • Weeknights at 1:30A beginning Tuesday, September 7
    • Saturday at 11P & 11:30P beginning Saturday, September 11
  • Bob’s Burgers 
    • Weeknights at 2:30A beginning Tuesday, September 7
    • Sunday at 12A & 12:30A beginning Sunday, September 12
  • Chicago Food To Go 
    • Now on Saturdays at 10:30A beginning Saturday, September 11

Finally, be sure to check out some of the other news shows that will be bringing to you on early weekday mornings and weekends 

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