Don't Miss the Encore Presentation of Superman & Lois

February 26, 2021 3:20PM

Did you miss the series premiere of Superman & Lois? Don’t worry!  There is breaking news from the Daily Planet…an encore of the Superman & Lois 2-hour premiere event will air Saturday at 7P! Follow Clark and Lois as they take on the most significant challenge, they've ever faced...teenage sons!

While the quiet and quaint lifestyle of Smallville may seem like a much-needed change of pace for Clark, he'll quickly realize the world will always need Superman. See what Superman & Lois stars Tyler Hoechin and Elizabeth Tulloch had to say about the premiere when chatting with The Jam.  

See an encore presentation of the special two-hour premiere event of Superman & Lois Saturday at 7P only on CW26!