The “I Am Film” Documentary Series Continues with I Am Patrick Swayze

Saturday, get insight into the life of the 1980s’ most recognizable leading man in I Am Patrick Swayze.

This edition of the documentary series provides an introspective look into how Patrick Swayze challenged Hollywood’s very notion of masculinity and redefined what it meant to be the Sexiest Man Alive. Featuring never-before-seen home videos, photographs, and original interviews with those who knew Patrick best—including the illustrious co-stars of his biggest films—this documentary dives beyond his status as a sex symbol to reveal the complexities of an often-misunderstood movie star. From his ferocious drive to his most iconic roles and off-camera battles with alcohol and cancer, Patrick’s family, friends, and collaborators reflect on the life and legacy of the man they endearingly called “Buddy”.

Tune in Saturday, April 20, at 7P on CW26.

Then on Sunday, April 21, see Swayze in action in the 1991 American crime film, Point Break, at 6P on CW26.