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This long-running hit one-hour talk show, hosted by veteran television anchor and interviewer Maury Povich, explores the compelling issues that impact teens, their parents, and society as a whole. A well-known and respected journalist, Povich is famous for his uncanny ability to get to the heart of the matter. Because he is also a husband, father, and grandfather, Maury has proven wildly successful at translating his inherit compassion into long-lasting bonds of familiarity with both his guests and his viewers, making him one of the most beloved hosts of the talk show form.

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I Have a Secret... I've Been Dating You Both For a Year!

Today on Maury, for the past six years Patricia has loved her boyfriend New York. She even left her family to move away with him. But for the last year and a half, Patricia suspected that New York was cheating on her with other women and regrets leaving her family. Patricia has found text messages on his phone soliciting sex as well as a salacious video. All the evidence points to cheating, but will the lie detector test results reveal? It’s up to New York to reveal the truth. Next, 7 years ago,



Get ready to "ooh," "aah" and gasp with talk show host, Maury Povich in Maury. Wath it beginning Monday, September 12 on CW26.