Why Lori Lightfoot's Election is a Milestone for Chicago

Mayor elect Lori Lightfoot's Inauguration is going to kick off Monday morning at 10:30. Lightfoot's friends, family, supporters and even students from her hometown in Ohio will be in attendance when she takes her oath,Lightfoot made it clear she has a jam-packed agenda ready for when she takes office. She's already announced who will be taking key positions in her administration and says she's confident those individuals will help drive key policies and initiatives during her tenure. In terms of how she wants to shape Chicago and how she wants to generate change, Lightfoot plans on signing an executive order to put an end to aldermanic privilege. This executive order could be Lightfoot's first battle with City Council. She'll need more than 35 of the 50 City Council members to vote in favor of the measure otherwise it won't pass. Violence is one of the biggest priorities for Lightfoot. She wants to keep Chicago safe and the youth occupied. She wants to build more affordable housing to control the city's population loss and she is preparing a budget that's going to include cuts and tax increases to give a $277 million spike in pension payments. Among other things, she wants to bring equity to the ticketing policy which she says has targeted minority drivers.

05/20/19 10:03AM