Marijuana sales will not be allowed in Chicago's Central Business District

In a little over three months, recreational marijuana will be legal in the state and Chicago's mayor wants to make sure there are strict guidelines on its use and sale downtown. Mayor Lori Lightfoot's just rolled out zoning regulations, which prohibit marijuana sales downtown. The new ordinance is Lightfoot's first move in regulating the recreational marijuana industry in the city and making sure it's implemented in a safe way. Lightfoot says this is also a way to maximize economic opportunity across Chicago.The new ordinance establishes seven cannabis zones citywide granting about 91 licenses to Chicagoans who want to be sellers.The zones will cap the number of dispensaries to seven locations per zone. That number will eventually increase, it's just not yet clear how long that will take. Lightfoot's team says these dispensaries can't be located near sensitive areas, like within 500 feet of a school, 1,500 feet from another dispensary or within a residential district or building. These types of businesses will be excluded from what lightfoot calls the Central Business District: those will be from Oak Street to the north, Lake Michigan to the east, Ida B Wells Drive to the south.LaSalle Street in River North and the Chicago River in the loop will be the western boundaries.As the law states, the use of recreational marijuana within city limits and in public places will be banned for anyone under 21.

09/18/19 9:52AM