Holy Trinity Church in Chicago to be sold, icon removed

An iconic and historic church on Chicago’s northwest side has been sold. A federal judge approved the sale of Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church.Parishioners of this church were hoping for the 30-day extension to get the amount of money needed to save the church from foreclosure. Instead, they got what they’re calling a miracle. “I have goosebumps,” says Anthony Jonas, the Rev. Nicholas Jonas’s son. “A lot of people can question faith, but when it's when it's so in your face like it is right now, there’s no question.”Parishioners of Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church in the Belmont Cragin area witnessed what they say is a sign from God.“I feel blessed to see that and I feel emotional for that,” says Toula Douvlis, a parishioner of the church. Even though parishioners see this as a miracle, some say the Virgin's tears may have been a sign or a warning that something was wrong. “The church was closing maybe that’s why she’s crying,” says Greg Stephens, another parishioner. The church, which is over a century old, is being sold for $2.5 million after not being able to pay up the $1.6 million to save it. A federal judge approved the sale on Tuesday. Universal Life Church will be the new owners. Holy Trinity will have 75 days to move out. The hope is that relocation will happen soon and the faith that lives within everyone here, is enough to keep them going. “This is the cotton ball that we use to make the cross on us from the icon, and then we believe that this heals a lot of people,” says Anastasios Nassis, a parishionerThe Greek Metropolis of Chicago said it will take possession of the icon. Church leaders say they will welcome anyone to come review and inspect it, just not remove it from the property.

09/11/19 10:10AM