Fear of Deportation

34-year-old Adilene Marquina is seven months pregnant. She's supposed to be at the Department of Homeland Security to be deported Wednesday morning.

Marquina says instead she will be staying in sanctuary at our Faith, Life, and Hope Mission Church on 63rd street on the city’s Southwest side.

The church has set up a press conference at the same time Marquina is supposed to be deported, all in hopes that the community can stand up and support her family.

Marquina has a high risk pregnancy. She has three children, under the age of 16, one of whom is also seeking asylum.

Marquina asked for political asylum in 2015. Her family had a business in Mexico, but she was being forced to give a portion of her earnings to a drug cartel.

At one point, she couldn't afford a payment, so she says the cartel threatened. That's when she decided to flee to Chicago.

Marquina has been waiting for four years, for an immigration judge to decide if she can stay.

Now, with her deportation looming, the church is pledging to continue fighting for her and her family.

Reverend Jose Landaverde says Marquina is not leaving the sanctuary until they stop her deportation process.

According to the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement policy they cannot arrest individuals in places of worship.

05/24/19 11:55AM