CTU Strike Date Looms

The Chicago Teachers Union is not backing down from its demands.

It's now calling for the mayor and Chicago Public Schools to offer more than just money.

The union doesn't just want a pay raise; they want more support staff as well as reduced class sizes.

On Wednesday morning, CPS parents will be joining teachers in a press conference at Simeon High School. This after the CTU and CPS were supposed to meet Tuesday to talk about negotiations alongside West Side pastors and community leaders.

CPS didn’t show up to that meeting.

CTU president Jesse Sharkey says it's troubling that money is being 'dangled' in front of them.

He says it seems that CPS wants teachers to walk away from what looks like educational justice for students, which Sharkey says they will not do.

In fact, he says no deal will be made unless class size and support staff demands are met.

Mayor Lori Lightfoot was quick to respond. She's now asking the CTU to bring forth a comprehensive counter proposal so that all the issues can be addressed.

10/09/19 9:56AM