Celebrate Women's History Month With CW26

March is all about female empowerment in the annual celebration of Women's History Month! Celebrate all the wonderful women of CW26 and tune in to our shows featuring all of our leading ladies from funny comedies all the way to no-nonsense court judges.

Check them out and tune in all month long on CW26!

Relative Justice - Weekdays at 7A & 7:30A

The People's Court - Weekdays at 9A & 1P

Judge Judy - Weekdays at 4P & 5P 

The King of Queens - Weeknights at 9P & 9:30P 

Seinfeld - Weeknights at 10P & 10:30P 

American Housewife - Weeknights at 11P & 11:30P 

Drew Barrymore - Weeknights at 12A & 12:30A

WOW - Saturdays at 6P & 9P