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Couples Court

Mccarty v Malvo More

A new mother suspects the father of her child is making sex videos with other women.

Paternity Court

Fisher v Doyle


Personal Injury Court


Protection Court

Where's My Knife/Ex Boyfriend's Ex Girlfriend Fights Me


Steve Wilkos Show

Did You Watch Him Torture Your Son? More

On a brand new Steve Wilkos Show, Amanda and Rose used to be close as sisters. Until three years ago when Rose was granted emergency custody of Amanda's son after he was found covered in bruises. CPS ruled to the injuries as child abuse and since gaining custody of her nephew, Rose heard him make another allegation that he had been sexually abused and his mom was involved. Now Rose refuses to allow Amanda to see her son until she can clear her name with a lie detector test. Plus, Ironneisha woke

The Jerry Springer Show


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The King of Queens

Walk Man More

The Heffernans are again thinking about getting pregnant, just four months after Carrie's miscarriage. But there's one problem: Arthur. Now that his last friend from the senior center has moved away, Arthur naps all day. By the time Doug and Carrie get home, Arthur is full of energy and has no one but them to unleash it on. Quality time alone for the couple is impossible. That is, until Doug hires an attractive dog walker to occupy an unsuspecting Arthur: she takes him for a stroll three times a

The King of Queens

Multiple Plots More

When Arthur tries to sell Spence his adjoining burial plot, he somehow winds up selling it to Spence's mother, Veronica. Doug is assigned a new delivery route and is freaked out by a man at one of his daily stops who always answers the door wearing nothing but a towel around his waist. Meanwhile, Carrie takes on dog walking with Holly to make some money after being unemployed for several months, but immediately hates the job and hires a kid to do the walking for her.

Mike & Molly

Molly's New Shoes More

Following a disagreement with Mike at the mall, Molly goes on a shopping spree.

Mike & Molly

Jim Won't Eat More

Molly is shocked when Peggy asks her to take care of her dog while she has gallbladder surgery, and Mike surprises her by saying that he wants to be buried next to her when he dies.

Whose Line Is It Anyway?

Amber Riley More

Hosted by comedian Aisha Tyler, cast members Ryan Stiles, Wayne Brady and Colin Mochrie, along with guest comedian Jeff Davis, put their comedic skills to the test through a series of spontaneous improv games that are prompted only by random ideas supplied by the studio audience.

Whose Line Is It Anyway?

Chris Hardwick


Roswell, New Mexico

Good Mother More

Determined to regain control of her life in the aftermath of Noah's death, Isobel makes a risky choice despite its potential consequences.

2 Broke Girls

And The Break-Up Scene More

Max gets annoyed that Caroline keeps meddling in her life, but the situation only gets worse when a well meaning Caroline steals Max's break-up scene.

2 Broke Girls

And the Maybe Baby More

The girls run into Caroline's newly engaged ex, Candy Andy, and Caroline offers to make his wedding cake. Later, when she sees Andy's seemingly perfect relationship and how he supports his fiancee's career, she wonders if she should have stayed with him.


The Slicer More

Unsatisfied by the quality of commercially cut meats, Kramer buys his own meat slicer, and takes things a bit too far. Elaine can't catch a break, as her neighbor’s alarm clock and cat drive her crazy. Jerry gets annoyed when the dermatologist Elaine set him up with won't stop talking about 'saving lives'. Meanwhile, George's new job is in jeopardy when a photo reminds him of a nasty confrontation he'd had with his new boss years earlier.


The Contest More

George's mother is forced to go to the hospital after she throws her back out when she falls down after catching him doing "you know." When George says he'll never do it again, Jerry challenges him to a contest of being "master of your domains", when he accepts, Elaine and Kramer want in on the action, or rather the lack of it.

How I Met Your Mother

How I Met Your Mother (Pilot) More

In the year 2030, Ted Mosby begins telling his kids how he met their mother. In flashback, we meet the young Ted, his friend Barney, and his roommate, Marshall. Marshall proposes to his girlfriend, Lily. Ted meets Robin, a woman he thinks he’s going to marry.

Family Guy

The Perfect Castaway More

Peter and his friends are shipwrecked on an island and given up for dead. When Peter returns home, he discovers that Lois and Brian have gotten married.

Bob's Burgers

Thelma and Louise Except Thelma is Linda More

Louise's school trouble forces Linda to meet with Mr. Frond, which could lead to her losing her hard-earned position as Wagstaff's bake-sale leader. When she finds out that her daughter was actually trying to help another student, Linda is torn between following school policy or her own moral code.

The Game

The Right To Choose Episode More

Tasha goes back to managing Malik, making Derwin upset; having her choose between the two of them. Meanwhile, Malik is replaced by a new quarterback in the Sabers and Tasha runs into Bo and finds the truth about his illness. Melanie and Derwin visit a fertility clinic.

The Game

Skeletons More

In the fifth season premiere, after Derwin's accusations of abortion, Melanie reveals a dark secret from her past; Malik and Tasha take care of a relapsed Jenna and Jason meets a feisty new bartender.

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Impractical Jokers



How I Met Your Mother

Trilogy Time More

After viewing the “Star Wars” trilogy, Ted and Barney imagine what their lives will be like in three years.

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