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Protection Court

God Is My Lawyer


Protection Court

You Do Have Righs, Dad/Not Comfortable Talking About This


Paternity Court

Mask/Muriel v. Redmond More

A Michigan woman believes her younger brother is being taken advantage of by his ex, who claims he is her son's father.

The King of Queens

Doug Less, Part 2 More

Doug surprises Carrie with a romantic weekend away at a resort. Doug and Carrie try to get over an argument they've been having, but only make things worse. Deacon finds Spence and Danny in bed together. Arthur decides he is in an emergency situation.

The King of Queens

Cello, Goodbye More

Carrie's on the fast track at her new job in a Manhattan law firm. But the trappings of success late nights at the office, free concert tickets and being surrounded by bright, dynamic people make Doug wonder why she ever ended up with a guy like him. While painfully succumbing to boredom at a cello concert, he discovers that, despite his lowbrow tendencies, Carrie never has and never will feel she "settled" by marrying him.

Mike & Molly

Buy the Book More

Molly’s excited her book is finally out and available for purchase, but worries obsessively that no one will buy it.
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Mike & Molly

The First and Last Ride-Along More

Molly decides writing a crime novel will be her new career, so she goes on a ride-along with Mike to research a book she wants to pen.


The Fusilli Jerry More

Estelle is getting an eye job. Kramer gets his new license plates from the DMV, but the plates say "ASSMAN." Jerry is disturbed when he finds out his mechanic used his "move" on Elaine while making love to her. Kramer makes a statue of Jerry out of fusilli pasta and he makes the most of his new license plates. Jerry confronts his mechanic and later requires his services. Frank becomes the unwitting victim of one of those "freak" accidents proctologists are always telling stories about.


The Boyfriend, Part 1 More

Jerry meets Keith Hernandez and wants to make a good impression. Meanwhile, George is out of time on his unemployment and he works harder than ever on his scheme to get a 13 week extension. He tells the unemployment office he was really close on Vandelay Industries, a company that makes latex products and whose main office is Jerry's apartment. Kramer and Newman hate Hernandez back to a time when they were allegedly spit on by him; however, Jerry supports the "second-spitter theory." Keith asks

Funny You Should Ask


2 Broke Girls

And The Hoarder Culture More

Caroline finds herself overwhelmed when she takes a job organizing a hoarder's apartment. Meanwhile, Max is forced to face her feelings for Johnny when he invites her to help tag a billboard.

2 Broke Girls

And Too Little Sleep More

When Max and Caroline get a huge cupcake order, and only a short amount of time to fill it in, they recruit their friends from the diner to help bake with them throughout the night. Meanwhile, Caroline is uncomfortable when Max and Andy continue their friendship after the break up.

Family Guy

The Thin White Line More

While working for the police in narcotics, Brian becomes addicted to cocaine.

Bob's Burgers

What About Blob?


Pawn Stars

Tough Cookie


Paid Program


Impractical Jokers

Sound EffeXXX More

When Michael announces he will not let Flaunt perform this year, fireworks erupt among Angie and the girls. Fajita Mike returns and establishes a rivalry with the new hibachi chef set up next door. One patron passes out, while another pulls a knife on security. Jesse makes a big money commitment that puts a wrench in Michael and Angie's secret post-rally plans.

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Funny You Should Ask


Supreme Justice


Supreme Justice