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Steve Wilkos Show

Is My Girlfriend Really Done With Men? More

On today's Steve Wilkos Show, Janiece and Shaquanna have been together for a year and were married less than a month ago. While they should be enjoying the honeymoon phase, they have been dealing with accusations of cheating. Janiece accuses Shaquanna of cheating with men, while Shaquanna says she received messages from another man who claims he had sex with Janiece and has the visuals to prove it. Then, Robert never thought he had a reason to distrust his girlfriend, Summer. But when she avoide


I Have a Secret... I've Been Dating You Both For a Year! More

Today on Maury, for the past six years Patricia has loved her boyfriend New York. She even left her family to move away with him. But for the last year and a half, Patricia suspected that New York was cheating on her with other women and regrets leaving her family. Patricia has found text messages on his phone soliciting sex as well as a salacious video. All the evidence points to cheating, but will the lie detector test results reveal? It’s up to New York to reveal the truth. Next, 7 years ago,

The Neighborhood

Welcome to the Family


The Neighborhood

Welcome to the Ex-Files


Superman & Lois

Collision Course More

Lois attempts to interview Peia in the hopes of unearthing the truth about an old case, while Clarke struggles to spend quality time with the boys.

Gotham Knights

Poison Pill More

With one of their own in trouble, the team scrambles to find a solution before it's too late. Elsewhere, Harvey undertakes a risky gambit to get the answers he seeks.

The King of Queens

Rayny Day More

When Ray Barone calls and asks Doug if he wants to play golf at his private club, Doug cancels on his friend Richie who he was going to spend the day with in order to comfort him after his divorce. But when a huge thunderstorm lets loose, Doug's day of golf turns into a fiasco, and he high-tails it back to his garage to Richie. Meanwhile, Ray's mother, Marie, arrives at the Heffernan's early to pick Ray up and gives Carrie a lesson in cleaning which Carrie milks for all it's worth.

The King of Queens

Friender Bender More

Doug rear-ends Kelly and Deacon's car and he and Carrie insist that they personally pay for the damage so they can leave the insurance company out of it. But, when the Palmers give them an estimate of almost twelve hundred dollars, Doug and Carrie are taken aback, and what started off as a nice evening out with friends turns into two couples complaining about each other's cheapness. Meanwhile, Spence is babysitting Kirby and goes from being the "Spencinator" to the "Scaredinator" once Kirby find


The Boyfriend, Part 2 More

George tries two more approaches with the unemployment officer. Kramer gets Jerry to accompany him to see a former neighbors' new baby, "you got to see the baby." Though he's gone out with Keith once, does that mean he must help him move. Elaine and Keith are hitting it off until he pulls out a cigarette. George wants to sleep with a really tall woman. Keith supports the "second spitter theory." Jerry and Elaine both breakup with Keith and George might get his wish.


The Understudy More

George and Jerry are suspected, by the cast and Kramer, of deliberately injuring Bette Midler during a softball game, giving Jerry's girlfriend, Bette's understudy, a chance to perform. Kramer becomes Bette's personal assistant. Elaine gets George's father to translate for her when she suspects that her manicurist has made some obvious snide remarks in a foreign tongue. While crying about losing her manicurists, Elaine meets the owner of a catalog, J. Peterman, and gets herself a new job.

American Housewife

Selling Out


American Housewife

The Anniversary


Family Guy

Life of Brian More

After Stewie permanently destroys his time machine, an unexpected death changes the Griffins lives forever.

Bob's Burgers

Something Old, Something New, Something Bob Caters for You


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Test My Fiance and Cousin... Are They Having an Affair?


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