Judge Mathis Takes 5 With The U

Judge Greg Mathis was in town last week, and we had the chance to Take 5 with him to chat about everything from his must-do Chicago activities, his favorite MeTV shows and how the city of Chicago should come together to stop the violence.

Take 5 | Judge Mathis

WCIU: What does seventeen seasons of Judge Mathis mean to you?

GM: It means that Chicago has really embraced me, and I’m very grateful. Chicago is probably one of the main cities that has kept me on the air, so I feel grateful.

WCIU: When we say Chicago, what’s the first thing that comes to mind?

GM: The beautiful downtown and the beautiful people that live in the city. I really enjoy downtown, at least, in the spring and summer – I should qualify that. In the winter, I stay in my apartment.

WCIU: What are three things on your Chicago must-do checklist when you are in town?

GM: Well, I have to hit Rush Street and all of the fabulous restaurants, the outside ones in particular. And watch MeTV believe it or not! MeTV, some of my favorite shows: Perry Mason, when I can’t sleep at night, Twilight Zone. And then of course, some of the activism I’m involved in here helping the young people with PUSH Excel, which I am co-chair. And then being engaged in some of the other things that are requested of me here in town.

WCIU: When it comes to activism, what advice do you have for citizens of Chicago to come together?

Well, the way to come together is for all of us to recognize that there is a problem. Particularly, with the shootings that are going on with our city, and secondly, with some of the police – the bad police – that are being abusive towards some of the citizens. Everyone has to come together and solve it together. There are only a few bad actors, and we have to come together and address them. 

WCIU: When you relax in Chicago, what are some of the things you like to do?

When I relax in Chicago, I go down to the beach. I love it down there. Downtown is one of the few places where they have a beautiful, clean beach in the country. So that’s where I relax. Then, I go to one of the fine cafés and sit outside and do a little people watching. And lastly, if I have a couple dollars, I’ll go shopping on Michigan Avenue.

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