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Recent Videos

Boo at the Zoo
Featuring Halloween festivities and, of course, the creepiest crawlers, Boo at the Zoo enters its final week at Brookfield Zoo. Here are some creepy critters you can meet!
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DMK’s Nacho Burger
Spicy, cheesy, crunchy—Michael Kornik from DMK Burger Bar whips up the famous nacho burger, available only during the Chicago Bears’ season.
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Halloween Cooking for Kids - Tomorrow
Tomorrow night, kids get to create spooky Halloween treats! Chef Kathy Plucinski from Renaissance Schaumburg whips up goodies from the creepy cooking class.
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Sassy Turkey Sausage Cupcakes
Famous for its meatloaf cupcakes, The Meatloaf Bakery is all the rage in Lincoln Park. Cynthia Kallile shares the recipe for the restaurant’s sassy turkey sausage!
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Rugby-Inspired Workout
Trainer Ron Israel from Equinox has a butt-kicking workout like none other! Watch this demonstration of the explosive and intense rugby-inspired workout.
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Common Pregnancy Complications
With pregnancy complications continuing to be a problem, Dr. Rosenblatt, M.D., speaks about how educating new mothers can help save lives.
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