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Recent Videos

Rescue Dog: Meet Gizmo
Meet Gizmo! He’s an adorable adoptable from A Heart for Animals and he’d just love for you to give him a loving forever home.
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Derek Warburton Talks Fall Fashion
From the oversized sweater to the black leather jacket, fabulous friend of the show Derek Warburton showcases on-trend looks for fall 2014.
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Phil Hartman Biography
Chronicling the life and tragic death of funnyman Phil Hartman, Mike Thomas speaks about ‘You Might Remember Me: The Life and Times of Phil Hartman.’
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I Love My Job: Fields Service Manager
Enjoying the team environment at Fields Automotive Group, Assistant Service Manager Colleen McKeown acts as an intermediary between customers and automotive technicians.
Baked Kale Salad
With a tasty twist on a super healthy vegetable, Chef Jeremy Tannehill from Public House visits to share his recipe for a delicious baked kale salad.
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Crispy Goat Cheese Salad
In anticipation of next month’s Kohler Food & Wine Experience in Kohler, Wisconsin, Chef Paul Smitala shares the recipe for his crispy goat cheese salad.
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