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Recent Videos

The Four C Notes
There is a concert that celebrates music from New Jersey and we get a preview in studio.
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Taco In a Bag Update
The Taco In a Bag Challenge winner finished in 1minute and 45 seconds. Patrick ‘Deep Dish’ Beroletti drops by to share the details and tell us how you can get free tacos on Saturdays midnight to 1:30am.
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National Taco Day: Moe’s Cantina
Moe’s Cantina helps us get an early start on celebrating ‘National Taco Day’ with delicious tacos. The restaurant will host a new international Mexican cuisine chef every month.
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Movie Trivia: ‘Back To the Future’
This year is the 30th anniversary of ‘Back to the Future.’ Actor, comedian, and the movie’s bully Tom Wilson joins Chris DeRose to quiz Chicago on ‘Back to the Future.’
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McDonald’s All-Day Breakfast
Melissa goes to her happy place because next week McDonald’s begins serving breakfast all day, and this weekend you can enjoy a free McDonald’s breakfast at the Chicago Bears Ultimate Tailgate!
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‘A Gentlman’s Guide to Love and Murder'
‘A Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder’ took home 4 Tony Awards this year. We talk with actress Kristen Beth Williams about her role in this hilarious and wild musical.
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