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Jack Hanna's Animal Adventures


"A program on turtles includes a visit to a turtle hospital; the rescue of a turtle caught in fishing line; and efforts to care for sea turtles with tumors caused by a virus in the ocean."

Key of David


Ocean Mysteries with Jeff Corwin

Journey with Gentle Giants More

"In this special episode of Ocean Mysteries, host Jeff Corwin dives alongside brave men and women of our armed forces who were injured in the line of duty. As these wounded veterans experience the wonder of Georgia Aquarium and swim along side giant whale sharks, they also find the strength to heal. Jeff makes new friends, listens to heroic stories, and reminds us all to never forget the people who keep our country safe."

The Andy Griffith Show

The Manhunt More

"The state police arrogantly ask Andy and Barney to step aside while they search for an escaped convict in Mayberry. They believe that the Mayberry sheriff's department is not capable of doing real police work. Andy and Barney then show them how things are done in Mayberry to great success."

The Andy Griffith Show

The Guitar Player More

"Jim Lindsey is a young guitarist that lives in Mayberry. When the famous musician Bobby Fleet and his band arrive in Mayberry, Andy and Barney scheme to arrest Bobby and his band so that Jim can get an audition. After Bobby hears Jim play, he signs him up for the band."

Supreme Justice


Supreme Justice


Judge Faith

Houdinied; Deal With A Liar More

"A woman wants money for rent after her sister leaves unexpectedly. A man says his former friends refuse to pay for items he gave them - they say the arrangement was different."

The Verdict with Judge Hatchett


The List


Celebrity Page


Who Wants To Be a Millionaire?


Who Wants To Be a Millionaire?


Mysteries of The Unexplained

Bigfoot More

"Is this half man, half ape simply a figment of our collective imagination or does he really exist? As the evidence begins to pile up maybe we should be asking ... who has been keeping this from us?"


What a Sap Special Edition (Season Premiere)


Impractical Jokers

Ash Clown


Impractical Jokers

Putting the P in Pool


Jerry Springer Show

Sleeping With Two Brothers More

"It's a family affair on today's Jerry Springer Show Show. Sharon has been with her boyfriend Stevie for several years but feels like he's been taking her for granted. But Sharon was able to find someone to tend to her needs since Stevie was missing in action. Find out who. Plus, Stephanie says she wants her man, Angelo back. Will she still have such strong feelings when she discovers that Angelo slept with her best friend Yessenia? Later, Erica wants to tell a guy named Joe that she wants him t

Pawn Stars

Aw Shucks! More

"Items brought to the shop include an 80-year-old carnival Big Six wheel, which Rick and the seller spin to come to an agreement on a purchase price, a white metal coin from George Washington's 1799 funeral, with a hole drilled into it that bothers Rick, and whose apparent age worries the Old Man, a flax bow totem from a Native American craftshop in Wyoming, a copy of the 1900s Coca Cola advertisement Drink Coca Cola 5 cents featuring model Hilda Clark, and a hand-cranked corn husker."

Pawn Stars

Put Up Your Dukes More

"The Pawn Stars are offered to buy a 450-year-old book that was owned by Sir Isaac Newton. Later, a man comes into the pawn shop to sell his grandmother's Army jacket that was worn during the Spanish American War. Finally, Rick and Chumlee are shown a collection of John Wayne memorabilia."

Family Guy

Business Guy More

"When Mr. Pewterschmidt has a heart attack, Peter takes over his business."
On Now 8:30pm

American Dad

Helping Handis More

"Stan devises a plan to make Steve more popular at school, but the plan backfires when the side effects make him a little "too popular;" and Hayley's student film shames Francine into becoming a surgeon."

King of The Hill

Wings Of The Dope More

"Hank's friends become believers in Luanne's claim that she was visited by Buckley's angel."

How I Met Your Mother

The Slutty Pumpkin Returns More

"Ted finally learns the name of the woman he met at a Halloween party years earlier, who was dressed in a “slutty pumpkin” costume; Robin tells Barney that he’s one-quarter Canadian; Lily suffers from “pregnancy brain.”"

The Game

The Preseason Game Episode More

"Blue struggles with his feelings after learning that Keira was a virgin before she slept with him. Meanwhile, Jason's suspicions of Chardonnay cheating with Rick comes to a head, resulting in a huge confrontation."


Stupid Behavior #3 Special Edition More

"In Palm Beach County, FL, Sergeant Strivelli organizes a narcotics sting operation that leads to the arrest of a suspect who insists he shouldn’t be arrested for brokering an alleged crack transaction. In Las Vegas, NV, Officer Crumrine tracks down a suspect who allegedly left a restaurant without paying a $400 bill. In Palm Beach County, FL, Deputy Lanier makes a traffic stop, and after smelling marijuana inside the vehicle discovers crack cocaine hidden inside a dome light recess area."

Forensic Files

Telltale Tracks More

"The murder of a coed in Philadelphia is investigated. The police find unusual marks on her body that lead to the killer."

Forensic Files

Soft Touch More

"Fingerprints extracted from fabric are used to identify a young woman's killer."

Killer Mysteries


"A disgruntled man snaps and goes on killing spree, terrorizing the entire borough of Brooklyn, New York. Cops track the killer’s trail of victims for more than 24 hours before they finally hunt him down across the city."

Mysteries of The Unexplained

Bigfoot More

"Is this half man, half ape simply a figment of our collective imagination or does he really exist? As the evidence begins to pile up maybe we should be asking ... who has been keeping this from us?"

Celebrity Page


Just For Laughs Gags

Head Banging Fun


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The Andy Griffith Show

Mind Over Matter More

"Goober is involved in a minor car accident and thanks to Floyd and Aunt Bee, he becomes convinced that he is truly injured and has whiplash. Aunt Bee feels sorry for him and takes him home to care for him--much to Andy's dismay!"

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The Andy Griffith Show

Politics Begin at Home More

"Aunt Bee runs for a seat on the city council against the more qualified Howard, who is supported by Andy."

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