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Green Screen Adventures

Brain Game Outer Space Travel/ How to Wash Your Hands/ Poet Tree Illumination/ Frogs More

"Play an out of this world Brain Game about outer space. Our clowns clean up their act with laughs as they learn how to wash their hands. Take a “ribbiting “adventure into the swamp with frog. Listen to an illuminating poem."

Green Screen Adventures

Go Green - We Are the Earth/ Poet Tree Paradise/ Stealing More

"Sing along with Reese Cycle and his sidekick Litterbug as they Go Green. A band of pirates get hooked on haiku following comical confusion between a Piracy Cafe and Poetry Cafe. Pay attention while a group of kids tries to solve the problem of stealing in school."

Animal Exploration with Jarod Miller

Need For Speed More

"Speed is the name of the game. Jarod explores fast animals and why their speed helps them to survive."

Outback Adventures w/Tim Faulkner E/I

Kangaroo Jack More

"Tim explores the fascinating features of the kangaroo, explores Tasmania for its three snake species and gets some assistance from his son Bill at the Reptile Park with a wombat and a tortoise."

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Green Screen Adventures

Siblings More

"Have you ever been jealous of a sister? Or angry because a little brother wrecked your stuff? See how these kids deal with their siblings - and how they solve their problems."

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Wild America


"In a frigid landscape, a Polar Bear emerges from her maternity den with cubs. The Innuit people call this largest predator on earth "Nanook" and bestow upon it spiritual power. The mother Bear, over the course of two or three years, will fearlessly protect and patiently teach her cubs how to survive in their beautiful, high Arctic home."

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Corrupt Crimes

Operation Exeter More

"Exeter, California is a rural town of 10,000 residents and a thriving high school drug trade. Police officer, Alex Salinas, a baby-faced 22-year-old newly graduate from the Academy, poses as a high school senior who lands himself in detention to set up drug buys with fellow students."

Forensic Files

Hair Line


Corrupt Crimes

Operation Payclip More

"The Port of New Orleans is the stage for an operation aimed at union extortion. FBI agent Geoff Santini goes undercover to infiltrate the lucrative ship cleaning business of cargo vessels, enabled by illegal payments and false paperwork."

Pawn Stars

Fortune in Flames More

"Items brought to the shop include a World War I U.S. military flamethrower, a 1963 Volkswagen Baja Bug, and a Manhattan Firearms pepper-box revolver from the mid-1800s. Corey and Chumlee also investigate a gypsy fortune teller machine whose owner is auctioning it off, and refuses to sell it prior to auction."

Pawn Stars

Chummobile More

"The Pawn Stars are given the chance to buy a recreation of the Batmobile used in the 1989 movie "Batman" and thr 1992 sequel "Batman Returns"; a 19th century "Ship's Passport" that was signed by both Thomas Jefferson and James Madison; and finally, a small antique writing desk with a hidden gun."


Much Ado About Mara More

"Mara offers to cure the Troubles in return for Dwight's help recovering the aether that William hid. Meanwhile, Duke is plagued by a new Trouble, while Vince and Dave seek help to recover the memories they lost in the cave."

Murdoch Mysteries

Murdoch of the Living Dead


Cheaters Weekend


Sheriffs Of El Dorado County

A Meth Freak's Diatribe More

"A reported driving under the influence stop yields an intoxicated driver but the focus soon becomes th eincreadible ramblings of her husband, a man who has done way too many drugs for way to long. Deputy Kevin Pebley has his first encounter with a mentally unbalanced young man."

Sheriffs Of El Dorado County

Dunks, Friends and Guns More

"Deputy Dacanay responds to a reported three person dispute only to find a house destroyed by a very intoxicated person."

Chicago Wolves Hockey

Chicago Wolves vs. Rockford IceHogs


Pawn Stars

Say It, Don't Spray It More

"Strum along with the Pawn Stars when a Gibson Super Jumbo guitar once owned by Peggy Earnes comes in the shop. A former star of the "Our Gang" series, can the guys negotiaite an "oh-tay" price? Then, Corey and the Old Man check out a Buck Rogers tin rocket. Made in the 1930s, will they pay 25th Century prices? And later, Chumlee decides to put some graffiti art on the shop's exterior. Can he pull it off, or will the only tag be on his toe?"

Morning Glory

"An upstart television producer accepts the challenge of reviving a struggling morning show program with warring co-hosts."

50Plus Prime

"Hollywood father and son legends, Carl and Rob Reiner discuss their role in US entertainment history, and their mutual love and admiration. "

Made In Hollywood


Whacked Out Videos

Bruise Cruise More

"We're going on a Bruise Cruise. Fight in the new year, the latest in dumpster diving, maids who can multitask, and the bike bomb knockout. Plus, grab a seat for the bar stool races."

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U-Too Kung-Fu

Killer of Snakes, Fox of Shaolin More

"In this supernatural martial arts thriller, a man must save a father and his daughter from the powerful snake god known for his deadly kung fu!"

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