Judge Faith

Photoshop at the Casket Shop; She Stole a Ticket to Ride More

"A man says he gave his friend a discount on funeral services, but he needs to pay for the rest - the friend says that wasn't the agreement; A woman's friend bought a car from her, but never registered it, so there are thousands of tickets in her name and she wants repayment."

Paternity Court

Richardson v. Smith More

"A 20-year-old woman accuses her ex of abandoning her and their baby."

Dr. Phil

My Husband's Religious Beliefs Are Ruining Our Family And Now CPS Has Our Children. Can We Get Them Back? More

"For nine years, Tatiana was a member of a strict religious group. She claims she wasn't allowed to celebrate holidays or birthdays, or get an education, and felt isoltaed from family and friends. Tatiana says she wasn't born religious but claims her husband, Robert, a devout Jehovah's Witness, used her innocence about the religion to pressure her into becoming a member. But four months ago, she left the religion and now wants her husband to leave, too. To make matters worse, Tatiana and Robert say CPS recently put their children in foster care over what they claim was a misunderstanding. Now, they're fighting to get them back, but Dr. Phil says their approach is all wrong. Will Robert leave his religion for Tatiana, and can they get their children back? Dr. Phil offers some advice, but will they take it?"

Couples Court

Viney v. McKellep


Jerry Springer Show

Slept With My Girlfriend's Brother More

"Today, Delesha wants to confess to her girlfriend Siearra that she slept with her brother Trell. The couple's relationship has been very rocky as of late, but will Delesha's infidelity make the situation worse? Plus, Sharlie wants to find out if her friend Brittany hooked up with her boyfriend Brandon. Brittany admits it but claims she didn't know that Sharlie and Brandon were still together. What happens next? Then, Bri says that when it comes to men, she always gets what she wants. She's a self-proclaimed "Twerk Queen" and likes to post her videos on social media. Her videos caught the attention of a guy named Chevy who she hooked up with. The problem...Chevy is her sister Brandi's boyfriend. See what happens when family members fight over the same man on today's Jerry Springer Show."

The King of Queens

Connect Four More

"Carrie wins 4 company seats to Knicks games, but insists on taking a couple over Doug's friends. But when they realize Carrie's favored couple doesn't work for Doug, and Doug's favored couple doesn't work for Carrie, they decide on playing cupid. Meanwhile, Arthur digs himself a hole by pretending he can "fix" parking tickets."

The King of Queens

Departure Time More

"Doug, Carrie and Arthur head out to the airport to visit with Doug's parents while they have a short layover at Kennedy Airport on their way to Montreal. While there, his parents ask him to sign their living will, making him the one responsible for pulling the plug. When his sister Stephanie gets wind of this, she is offended that she wasn't the one asked to be responsible."

Mike & Molly

Weekend at Peggy's More

"Following a dramatic argument with Joyce over money, Mike and Molly move into Mike's childhood room at Peggy's."

Mike & Molly

Goin' Fishin' More

"Now that they are engaged, Molly wants Mike to commit to planning their wedding, but her idea is in the way of Mike taking a fishing trip with his friends."

The Game

Welcome To The Jungle More

"An initiation takes a foul turn for Keira and Chardonnay as they try to gain admittance into the Sunbeams' circle. Elsewhere, a prank war at training camp goes too far. Keira and Chardonnay are initiated into the Sunbeams; Blue struggles to fit in; a prank war goes too far. Tasha takes over as sunbeam president "

The Game

How To Lose All your Phat In One Day More

"Malik throws a party hoping to land investors for his latest business venture. Meanwhile, Tasha's love triangle becomes further complicated when both Pookie and Rick show up to Malik's investment party."

2 Broke Girls

And The Look of The Irish More

"Max and Caroline try to get modeling work for Nash in an effort to make some extra money acting as his managers. Meanwhile, Sophie and Oleg attempt to remain celibate for 30 days before their wedding."

2 Broke Girls

And The ATM More

"Han installs an ATM at the diner. Max decides to break up with Deke now that she knows about him being rich, he then in return gives her one million dollars."
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The Abstinence More

"George's girlfriend has mononucleosis and he can't have sex with her for six weeks. Elaine's met a doctor who's almost gotten his license to practice. Jerry agrees to appear at career day at his former junior high school, first he is bumped and then there is a fire drill. Kramer lights up a cigar in Monk's and is asked to leave. He meets others on the street who face his dilemma so he opens up his apartment as a smoking lounge. Jerry's agent gets him an assembly at the school. George's lack of sex makes his mind sharper. Elaine learns how much her doctor boyfriend doesn't know about medicine. She uses George's technique to help him study to get his license, but in the process she becomes an idiot. Jerry struggles to figure out how to fill two hours in front of a junior high crowd. George uses his new found intellect to give batting advice, speaks Portuguese and prepares a presentation for Jerry's assembly. Kramer sees his lawyer about a case against the tobacco company, smoking has destroyed his looks. He gets a settlement without Jackie's input. George calculates the odds of scoring with a Portuguese waitress. Elaine's boyfriend gets his license and leaves her sexless."


The Glasses More

"George's glasses are stolen and he needs a new pair, so he goes to see Kramer's friend to get a thirty percent discount; all Elaine gets is bitten by a dog and then she becomes afraid of them. While not wearing his glasses, George thinks he sees Jerry's girlfriend kissing Jerry's cousin and Jerry tries to figure out if it's true."
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Rules Of Engagement

Atlantic City More

Audrey tries to make Jeff feel guilty for not telling her that his friend's bachelor party in Atlantic City was cancelled; however, her plan backfires when Jeff discovers that Audrey is also being deceitful.
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Rules Of Engagement

Audrey Is Dumb More

After having a node removed surgically, Audrey is temporarily unable to speak and Jeff is thrilled. Audrey’s Aunt dies and Audrey plans to give a eulogy as her voice should be better by then. However, Audrey is still unable to speak and when she forgets t
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How I Met Your Mother

The Platinum Rule More

"When the gang learns that Ted is taking his doctor on a date, they try (with stories of their own toxic experiences) to convince him it's never a good idea to date someone you see on a regular basis."
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Family Guy

It Takes A Village Idiot (And I Married One) More

"When the local oil refinery dumps toxic waste into Lake Quahog, Lois is compelled to run for mayor; Peter enjoys the perks of being the “First Lady” of Quahog."
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Impractical Jokers


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Paid Program

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Couples Court

Noltion v. Noltion

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The Verdict with Judge Hatchett

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Judge Faith

Dental Disaster; She's Holding My Keyboard Hostage More

"A woman wants money for repairs after a man coming from the dentist rear ends her; A landlord keeps a tenant's keyboard as leverage after he doesn't pay rent and leaves without warning."
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