Judge Faith

Party Like It's 1999; Bumping Bumpers More

"A party planner brings her BFF to court over an unpaid party bill. Drivers battle over who was at fault for a parking lot fender bender."

Paternity Court

Lide v Ellis More

"A 57-year-old woman wants a DNA test for the 26-year-old daughter she raised alone."

Dr. Phil

A Business And $200k Lost; A Husband's Obsession With Gurus, Aliens, And Enlightenment More

"Shannon says her husband, Alex, has become obsessed with his quest for enlightenment. She claims this spiritual pilgrimage has cost them over $200,000 and their successful business. From following and obeying the teachings of controversial gurus and clairvoyants to believing in existence of aliens, Shannon says she doesn't recognize her husband. Alex claims he has not only become enlightened, but has come face to face with God himself, and as unlocked the answers to all of life's greatest questions and mysteries. Alex claims his wife is just a negative person who would rather be a victim and live in misery, which he says creates huge roadblocks for their marriage. How does Alex's enlightenment hold up when he is surprised and confronted by one of the most influential thinkers in the world, Dr. Deepak Chopra?"

T.D. Jakes

Incredible Moments More

"Today we revisit some extraordinary kids."

Steve Wilkos Show

My Dad Raped Me And I Had His Baby More

"On an all new Steve Wilkos Show, Amber recently revealed a dark secret about her deceased father and the information has divided the family. She claims her father Walter began molesting her when she was 9 years old and says as she got older, the abuse got worse. Not only did he rape her on multiple occasions, Amber says her own father got her pregnant. But Walter's family says Amber is a liar and plan to disprove the slanderous claims she's made against Walter. Then, Constance says her boyfriend, Keith, was the perfect father to their daughter. Sadly, after he was diagnosed with lung cancer, they only had 5 more months together before he passed away. When Constance turned to his family for support, she was shocked when they began to deny that Keith was the father of her child. What caused the shift in opinion? Find out on today's Steve Wilkos Show."

Jerry Springer Show

Springer Goes Stripper Crazy More

"Lights, camera, action as we bring the strip club to the Jerry Springer Show. Ray says a night of stripping has him wanting to repeal his proposal to his girlfriend Kelly. Then, Julia is a veteran stripper and claims she deserves a little respect. She teaches the rookie strippers how to dance and work the pole so that they can make that money. But Julia finds herself having to confront one of her colleagues because she broke the stripper code by taking one of her clients. Plus a performance by the 2017 Gold Rush Champion Chinky. When the lights go out, things heat up on this strip-tacular episode of the Jerry Springer Show."

The Verdict with Judge Hatchett


The King of Queens

Sold-Y Locks More

In order to afford a cruise, Doug convinces Carrie to cut her hair to sell to a wig maker, but regrets his idea after the deed is done.

The King of Queens

Twisted Sitters More

Doug and Carrie watch Deacon and Kelly's kids while they are out of town. When one of the kids sees them making love, they must keep him from telling his parents...

Mike & Molly

The Good Wife

On Now 6:30pm

Mike & Molly

Windy City More

"When Peggy breaks up with Patrick, Mike tries to reunite them; as a tornado reaches Chicago, Molly and Mike reveal important news to each other."

How I Met Your Mother

WOOOO!!! More

"Barney ruins Ted’s attempt to renovate a bank and put his stamp on the New York skyline; Robin and Lily hang out with girls who like to party and yell "woo!""
Remind Me

How I Met Your Mother

The Sweet Taste of Liberty More

"Barney talks Ted into going to the airport with him, to pick up girls. The friends follow two girls to Philadelphia, but get picked up by security because of their suspicious behavior. Lily is upset when Robin gets all the male attention at their girls’ night out."
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2 Broke Girls

And The Egg Special More

"When a storefront that would be perfect for Max's Homemade Cupcake goes up for rent, Max and Caroline hold a fundraiser."
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2 Broke Girls

And the Ten Inches More

"Max and Caroline approach the owner of the pizza place next door about renting space to expand their renovated dessert bar."
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The Sponge More

Jerry finds the number of girl he wants to contact on Kramer's AIDS walk sponsor list. After finding out that her preferred method of birth control is only available in a limited supply, Elaine must decide whether her current boyfriend is "sponge worthy."
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The Parking Garage More

Everyone separates to try to find the car in a huge parking garage. Jerry needs the use of a bathroom so he finds a place to go and gets busted. Elaine tries to get help from people passing by. George joins Jerry in getting busted. Kramer is wearing "the
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Rules Of Engagement

Birthday Deal, The More

When it's time to plan a party for Jeff's birthday, everyone gets involved. But Audrey is spending a little too much time on planning the party, which makes Jeff unhappy. Although Jeff won't reveal what he usually gets in the annual birthday deal, Adam br
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Rules Of Engagement

Double Down More

In order to woo a girl he’s been chasing who’s an event planner, Russell (David Spade) throws Timmy (Adhir Kalyan) a party celebrating his citizenship, despite his being a citizen for over 10 years. Later at the party, Jennifer (Bianca Kajlich) causes a d
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Family Guy

Pilling Them Softly

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Family Guy

It Takes A Village Idiot (And I Married One) More

"When the local oil refinery dumps toxic waste into Lake Quahog, Lois is compelled to run for mayor; Peter enjoys the perks of being the “First Lady” of Quahog."
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Pawn Stars

Hello, Goodbye More

"Get by with a little help from the Pawn Stars when alternative artwork for "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" rocks into the shop. One of the Beatles' most iconic albums, will the guys twist and shout for this piece of music history? Then, Rick eyes a pair of lithographs by Joan Mir and Marc Chagall. Both leaders of the Surrealist movement, can he dream up a deal? And later, the guys get a little starstruck when actor Steve Carell wanders into the shop. Will it be just another day at the office?"
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Judge Faith

Revolving Rental; Speed on Down the Road

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Paternity Court

Baylor v Earls, Sr. More

"A Texas man calls off his wedding until he can confirm he's the father of his fiancee's child."
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