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Antonio Rodriguez at Tequila Patron showcased the company's new line of liquors: Roca Patron. Online Kids' Consignment Shop
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Healthy & Happy BBQ Treats
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Summer Road Trip Gadgets
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Lollapalooza-Inspired Cocktails
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3 Great Concert Wines
To really enjoy a summer concert at Ravinia, you’ll need food, music and…wine! ...
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Summer coming to a close means vacations are getting more affordable! TravelZoo’s Gabe Saglie shares...
Tre Soldi Lasagna
Chef Jose Ovalle from Tre Soldi whips up the restaurant’s signature lasagna, an easy-to-prepare recipe...
Fruit on the Barbie
Chef Michael Watz from Washburne Culinary Institute whips up wine country cuisine, grilling up a...


July 31
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Petticoat Junction
The Beverly Hillbillies
Granny needs to get around Beverly Hills and is having no luck with a driving lesson. When she hears that the Drysdale are looking at the horses, Granny decides she needs a trotter and buggy. Drysdale learns that the Clampetts want a horse, and after he learns of its potential winnings, the Clampetts acquire Ladybelle, a racehorse.
The Donna Reed Show
All Is Forgiven
Alex and Donna reunite a fighting couple by trying to get them to adopt a baby.
I Love Lucy
Lucy Hires A Maid
Lucy's sleepless nights with the new baby are exhausting, so the Ricardos hire a maid. Unfortunately, this new maid turns out to be a terrible shrew, who takes better care of herself than of Lucy or the apartment. Unable to get the gumption to fire her, Lucy wrecks the apartment, hoping it will make the maid quit.
Leave It to Beaver
Wally's Car Accident
June and Ward go away for the weekend and Wally asks to borrow Ward's new car to go to a dance. Although hesitant, Ward finally gives in and lets him take it. However, after the dance, Lumpy runs into some car trouble which results in Wally smashing the headlight on the car. Wally is now faced with having it repaired and paying for it himself and trying to find a way to break it gently to Ward.
Leave It to Beaver
Beaver, the Sheep Dog
At school, Beaver gets into an argument with a girl who retaliates by making fun of Beaver's hair, calling him a sheepdog. Incredibly self-concious, Beaver goes out to the store and buys different hairsprays and gels to try to improve his hairdo. He doesn't get the reaction he was expecting when he tries his new hairdo out on his family.
Daniel Boone
Dan'l Boone Shot a B'ar
Boone is endangered first by a killer bear, then by the hunter who wanted the kill himself.
The Love Boat
Mothers Don't Do That
The crew thinks a bride wants her groom dead; a boy learns a secret from his past; a woman boards to meet her pen pal.
The Mod Squad
Call Back Yesterday
A former girlfriend draws pete into her family's business problems and helps set up a reunion with
The Rockford Files
Trees, Bees, Flowers, Part One
Rocky begs JIm's help when his friend T.T Flowers is hospitalised by his daughter and son in law and then declared incompetant.
Quiet Day In Dodge (aka "The Marshal")
Matt comes back to Dodge City after capturing a prisoner he has been following for two days straight. Kitty is upset with Matt for not attending a lunch. To make up for the mistake Matt asks her out for dinner.
Hound Dog
Muley is on this occasion accompanied by an equally noisy pack of hound dogs. Hoping to train the dogs to hunt the coyotes which have been preying upon the Ponderosa livestock, Hoss Cartwright gets into a passel of trouble when the dogs' real owner, a girl named Tracy (Sue Ann Langdon) shows up, claiming that the hounds were stolen from her.
The Big Valley
The Brawlers
A group of irish immigrants settles on barkley land, believing they have bought the land from a reputable agent. Nick thinks of them purely as squatters, while they can’t believe that their purchase was illegal.
Log #125 - Safe Job
There's been a rash of cracked safes in the area, and malloy thinks the suspect is someone who lives in the neighborhood that he's run into many times before, but now claims to be a reformed family man. In the meantime, he and his partner track down a female robbery suspect who turns out to be a victim herself.
Malloy stares down the barrel of a rifle during the search for gloved robbers who are able to make off with $500 from a tavern in a stolen car. He and reed also try to apprehend a group of anti-semites before their repeated shakedown attempts cause further damage to a defiant holocaust survivor who runs a dry cleaner, and deal with a guy who takes the law into his own hands while attempting to collect on a debt at the marina.
Pressure 165
John gets ribbed about his cooking. The paramedics go to Catalina to help a diver, where John and a doctor treat the patient in a hyperbaric chamber. Roy and John help a famous chef with a kitchen fire. A youth suffers a serious gunshot wound. The firemen deal with a dust explosion at a structure fire.
The Rifleman
The Clarence Bibs Story
A janitor-turned-gunfighter whose reputation hangs on one lucky shot—and a lot of gall.
The Rifleman
The Score is Even
Lucas tries to get help when he is shot after witnessing a murder.
No Laughing Matter
Hawkeye wagers that he can go a full day without a wisecrack, and Winchester finally confronts the major who exiled him to the 4077th.
Oh How We Danced
Winchester is sent to inspect sanitary conditions on the frontlines, while the rest of the camp plans a surprise anniversary party for B.J.
Gilligan's Island
The Invasion
While fishing, Gilligan and the Skipper reel in a briefcase, stamped with the words "Property of the U.S. Government."
Happy Days
In order for Jenny to join the Rondells, a popular club, she has to steal a statue from Pfister Park and bring it to their clubhouse. Joanie is there to help, and they are both caught by Officer Kirk.
Hogan's Heroes
Evening of the Generals
Hogan has his men pose as caterers to destroy a roomful of generals.
Welcome Back, Kotter
Vinnie gets his own apartment and the Sweathogs all learn a lesson in true friendship. John Travolta guest stars.
Bosom Buddies
Who's on Thirst?
Kip and henry, seeking a little isolation to spark their creativity, become stranded in a wilderness cabin in the dead of winter. The girls, left to their own devices, try to shoot a commercial by themselves, and quickly find they are over their heads.
Bosom Buddies
Not With My Sister, You Pig
Kip becomes overly protective of his little sister vicky when she comes to visit. He asks henry to take her out so she doesn't have too good a time. When henry comes back from their date at 5:00 a.M., Kip fears the worst and they get into an argument. Henry refuses to tell him what happened. Their arguing escalates until they both fall off the fire escape and end up in the hospital with broken limbs. While there, kip's imagination goes wild as to what happened on henry and vicky's date. He's con
The Twilight Zone
A has-been, drunk gunslinger finds his fast-draw abilities magically restored.
Perry Mason
The Lazy Lover
Attempting to miss hitting her stepfather's car, Patricia Faxon swerves as she enters her driveway and hits the hedges. After asking her stepfather, Bertrand Allred, to move his car, he finds Bob Fleetwood badly hurt next to the hedges. Assuming Patricia accidently hit Bob Fleetwood, Bertrand and Lucille Allred take Bob to a hotel. The next morning Bertrand Allred is found dead in his car, near the hotel, where the car left the road and went through the guard rail. Lucille Allred is accused of k
Community Relations:DR 10
Friday grapples with the Uncle Tom syndrome in selling ethnic groups on police careers.
Malloy's brand new car gets dinged up when he has to bail out to chase down a purse snatcher, but sgt. Macdonald promises him his kid brother in beverly hills can fix it on the cheap. Out on patrol, he and reed search for a drunk man accused of randomly shooting arrows, respond to a robbery at a deli that results in tragedy, and search for a drug store robbery suspect who gets away after being shot.
Night Gallery
Camera Obscura
A heartless moneylender gets his just desserts with the help of a client's unusual telescopic device.
The Alfred Hitchcock Hour
Evil of Adelaide Winters
Chastisement awaits a convict artist who claims to be able to make contact with the dead.
Last of the Sommervilles
Two cousins scheme to kill their aunt for her money - but trust is hard to come by when you're the last of the sommervilles.
Wagon Train
Odyssey: Flint Mccullough
Wanted Dead or Alive
The Monster
Josh is determined to debunk the dire menace posed by a marauding monster that has smashed mining camps, decimated an Indian village and that has the residents of nearby Nugget City hiding behind locked doors.
Make Room For Daddy
Terry's Coach
Hans conried. Terry needs a drama coach to help her with an upcoming performance of shakespeare's "king lear". Rusty comes home with a man he found in the park, a man with grandiose tales of critically-acclaimed perfomances of the bard's plays.
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