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April 25
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Petticoat Junction
In an attempt to get rid of lady Dr. Craig, Uncles Joe fakes an illness that becomes real.
The Beverly Hillbillies
Lafe Crick returns to the Clampett mansion looking to get rich, off of Jed's money. He tries to get a job at the bank guarding Jed's money, only to get a few million of it. But Granny has her doubts about the freeloader, though he seems to be proving her wrong.
The Donna Reed Show
The Lucky Girl
All the women in town think that Alex is the most wonderful guy; making Donna feel that she is simply the lucky one to have Alex.
I Love Lucy
Lucy Hates To Leave
Lucy hates to leave behind her old friends Fred and Ethel, who also happen to be her landlords. But Ricky has told her to sell all their furniture. Lucy hates to part with her furniture almost as badly as she hates to part with the Mertzes. She persuades them to keep the furniture in their apartment, promising that it's "just until we can move."
Leave It To Beaver
Lost Watch
While watching Wally and his friends play baseball, Beaver is put in charge of looking after everyone's coats and watches. However, after the game is over Lumpy comes to claim his watch, but Beaver has no watch to give him.
Leave It To Beaver
Her Idol
Beaver becomes good friends with a classmate, Linda Dennison. However, their relationship is blown out of proportion by Beaver's classmates who begin to tease him and goad him into insulting Linda, to prove that she isn't his girl.
Daniel Boone
Sunshine Patriots
Gabe and Josh undertake a wartime mission which is successful in spite of their blundering ineptitude.
Perry Mason
The Terrified Typist
While a woman is searching the office of the South African Diamond Company, George Baxter enters to meet Walter Lumis and Duane Jefferson. He notices things in disarray and questions the woman. She makes an escape, enters Perry Mason's office, and pretends to be a typist sent by a temp agency. She leaves unannounced a short time later. Meanwhile Baxter calls for the police assuming a robbery has taken place. That evening the dead body of George Baxter is seen being thrown from a pier. Duane Jeff
Macabre Mr. Micawber
A rich man is murdered, and his man-servant is the prime suspect, until a talkative mynah bird appears which may just have the solution to the whole case on the tip of his tongue.
Hawaii Five-O
The Lion In The Streets (Part 2)
Labouring under a ban on cooperation by native Hawaiians because of a Kahuna, McGarrett must try to prevent war on the streets.
A Matter of Honor (aka "Louie")
Louie Pheeters is found at the scene of a murder, the dying man's last words implicate the town alcoholic, who is too drunk to remember what he had just seen.
The Beginning
Joe befriends a young man, Billy Horne, a white man captured and raised by the Shoshones. Meanwhile, Milton Tanner goes after a third of the Ponderosa. Seeing that his new friends are in trouble, Billy takes matters into his own hands.
The Big Valley
Showdown in Limbo
Sheriff frank sawyer thinks that all it takes is time to toughen up his young son, newly returned from the east. His attitude is likely to endanger them, and heath as well, as they travel to stockton to deliver a notorious outlaw.
D.H.O. Medical
Friday and Gannon investigate cases in a hospital emergency ward.
Back-up One L-20
While transporting a burglar to the station with malloy's assistance, sgt. Macdonald strikes and kills a jaywalker with his cruiser, but unfortunately for him all of the witnesses on the sidewalk inexplicably claim she was in the crosswalk. With the burglar unmotivated to testify on macdonald's behalf, malloy has to take it upon himself to clear his boss.
Show Biz
A photo shoot at the station gets John excited. A country doctor helps Roy and John when they can't reach Rampart on a call. The paramedics rescue a man drowning in a swimming pool and two stuntmen trapped on a waterfall at a movie studio.
The Rifleman
After Lucas kills a mountain man in a barrom brawl, his father arrives in North Fork determined to take revenge on Lucas and Marshal Torrance, once he breaks his other two boys out of jail.
The Rifleman
The Blowout
Newly arrived gunslinger Al Walker throws a mammoth party at the saloon, keeping acting Marshal Ben Waller busy until Lucas is forced to intervene.
There Is Nothing Like A Nurse
The nurses are evacuated when the threat of an enemy parachute drop arises. Hawkeye and Trapper try to enliven everyone's spirits whilst they are gone.
Adam's Rib
Sick and tired of having liver and fish for an 11-day stretch, Hawkeye, driven near to insanity, starts a riot in the mess tent. He and Trapper then orders spare ribs and sauce from the best place he ever had them, in Chicago. Trapper calls a woman he spent a weekend with to pick up the ribs, and then they get choppered in. Unfortunately, right as they're sitting down to eat, wounded arrive, and Hawkeye is forced to postpone sinking his teeth into his beloved ribs.
Wonder Woman
The Return of Wonder Woman
Wonder Woman ventures forth from Paradise Island to fight evil in a man's world once again. In this episode, the heroine takes on an evil mastermind who plans to use a powerful robot against her.
Welcome Back, Kotter
Gabe refuses to obey Mr. Woodman, so he is suspended until he can be brought before the Teacher's Review Board on formal charges.
The Odd Couple
Sometimes A Great Ocean
When Oscar refuses to cut down on bad habits and junk food despite his ulcer, Felix books a calming trip for them -- on an old folks' cruise.
The Odd Couple
I Gotta Be Me (aka "Schizocleania")
To learn why they can't stop bickering, the men try role reversal.
The Twilight Zone
In 1847 a western settler sets out to find medicine for his dying son - and stumbles into modern-day New Mexico.
Perry Mason
The Deadly Debt
Police detective Danny Talbert's father dies from a heart attack caused by stress from the fact that he was into mobster Steve Radom for a $10,000.00 debt. Or so Danny believes. When Radom is killed with Danny's gun, Perry steps in to clear his name.
The Untouchables
The Seventh Vote
Chicago, April 25, 1932. With Capone in prison doing his rap for income tax evasion, his 8 lieutenants are running things; their HQ is the Montmartre Club, in Cicero, 4 miles west of Chicago. Capone's booze trucks are being hijacked, his speaks are tommy-gunned; Capone's breweries are being smashed, and not just by Eliot Ness, but by rival gangs.
The Untouchables
The Seventh Vote
Chicago, April 25, 1932. With Capone in prison doing his rap for income tax evasion, his 8 lieutenants are running things; their HQ is the Montmartre Club, in Cicero, 4 miles west of Chicago. Capone's booze trucks are being hijacked, his speaks are tommy-gunned; Capone's breweries are being smashed, and not just by Eliot Ness, but by rival gangs.
Night Gallery
Death in the Family
E.G. Marshall plays a gentle undertaker with compassion for his charges.
The Alfred Hitchcock Hour
Ten Minutes From Now
An apparently insane performer is suspected of horrifying a local official with bomb threats.
Mark of the Hand
A police lieutenant investigates a crime scene involving an eight-year-old girl found holding a pistol over the body of a man shot through the heart. The little girl refuses to talk and a lady, the only eyewitness to the event, claims that the shooting was accidental. Later, when the little girl is accused of trying to kill the witness with a knife, the lieutenant uncovers some surprising information about the lady.
Wagon Train
The Swift Cloud Story
12 O'Clock High
To Heinie, With Love
A new navigator displays personality traits that could endanger both missions and crews.
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