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Michael Rooker
Star of 'Walking Dead' and summer blockbuster 'Guardians of the Galaxy,' Michael Rooker drops by...
Ella Jenkins
Celebrating her 90th birthday, Ella Jenkins, The First Lady of the Children’s Folk Song, drops...
After a harrowing drive downtown, Chicago native and funnyman Godfrey drops by for a few...
Football Game Gadgets
From the IGrill Mini to wireless lighting and, of course, a killer 4K TV and...
Magnificent Mile Shopping Festival
Featuring gourmet food tastings, pop-up shopping and a women’s marathon, the Magnificent Mile Shopping Festival...
Air & Water Show – This Weekend
Aly Bockler speaks with Blue Angels Lieutenant Commander Nate Barton about all the action-packed, high-flying...
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From a super-safe car seat and healthy treats to raincoats and tough toys, pet expert...

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August 22
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Petticoat Junction
As Hooterville Goes
A new automatic voting machine in crabtree corners may end hootervilles record as the first community in the state to file election returns.
The Beverly Hillbillies
Granny enters Elly in a soup-making contest, with her own Snider Surprise Soup. When Jed finds out Granny cheated, he demands that she pull Elly May out of the contest. But Granny refuses to because this is a way to get Elly a husband. She tricks Jed into believing she got Elly out of the contest and gets him to go hunting, just in time. The men from Savory Soup visit the mansion and are amazed by the beautiful Elly, originally thinking she’d be a beetle.
The Donna Reed Show
Free Flight
Donna's complaint to an airline about their bad service results in a free trip for her and Alex.
I Love Lucy
Redecorating the Mertz's Apartment
It's redecorating time at the Mertzes', and Lucy and Ricky volunteer to help. But when Fred turns on a fan as Lucy is unstuffing a chair, the paint and feathers they were using go flying. Lucy feels responsible for the ruined furniture, so she gives Ethel her own living room furniture as a gift.
Leave It to Beaver
Tenting Tonight
After a weekend spent at the movies goes awry for Ward, he decides the boys should spend their weekends outside and plans a camping trip. However, when Ward's called into work, Wally and Beaver decide to camp out in the backyard.
Leave It to Beaver
Music Lesson
Wally makes the baseball team and Ward openly shows how proud he is of him, leaving Beaver feeling inferior. Trying to impress his parents, Beaver tries out for the band and begins practicing the clarinet. However, Beaver soon finds himself with more problems when he's let go from the band.
Daniel Boone
Williamsburg Cannon, The: Part 2
Boone successfully transports the cannon around a trap set by the British.
The Love Boat
The Last of the Stubings
Stubing's nephew comes on board to train to be a seaman but doesn't do a good job at anything he does. A man who just stole a million dollars meets a woman who upon learning of what he has done reveals herself to be a cop who plans to turn him in. Two sisters compete for the affections of the same man.
The Mod Squad
A Short Course in War
A campus demonstration may turn into a bloody conflict if a mentally disturbed student has his way.
The Rockford Files
Forced Retirement
Jim poses as 'Jimmy Joe Meeker' in order to investigate an undersea project being constructed by one of Beth's old friends.
A Child Between
Lew Harrod rides to Dodge looking for Doc Adams but learn he is out Newly goes to help but finds that the boy's mom doesn't newly to help. Newly tries to have the parent's take the baby to Dodge, the mom doesn't like the medicine Newly wants to use, and the dad is a wanted man. The dad is angry because he didn't know Newly is a deputy. Harrod trusts newly and his wife doesn't want to go to Dodge because she knows Newly might bring men to take husband away. Makesha takes the baby to her people af
Judgement at Red Creek
Joe Cartwright joins a posse led by Sheriff Rimbau (John Ireland) to capture two robbery/murder suspects. For Rimbau, it is personal: His own brother Jack (James B. Sikking) was killed by the outlaws. Before long, Joe realizes that Rimbau intends to be judge, jury and executioner, thoroughly prepared to cold-bloodedly murder two men who may well be innocent.
The Big Valley
The Lost Treasure
A con man tells heath that he, not tom barkley, is heath’s father. Heath is determined to find out the truth; if he isn’t tom barkley’s son, he won’t let himself be a barkley, despite the fact that the family says they will not let him leave without a fight.
Clear With Civilian /Pt1
Reed starts a flu epidemic that decimates the city's police force, forcing him and malloy to work a double shift. During day watch, he and malloy encounter a bookmaker being held at gunpoint, mediate a dispute over a cantaloupe, investigate a possible robbery in progress at a closed department store, engage in a foot chase with an athletic young man, and pull over a motorist who turns out to be a vip.
Clear With Civilian /Pt2
Newly appointed police commissioner edna dixon accompanies malloy and reed on night watch, where they deal with a naked elderly wino at a bar, try to diffuse a possible riot situation following a gang-related stabbing, and pursue a deaf teenager in a stolen car.
The Game
Roy and John are assigned to work the big football game at the Coliseum. A woman accidentally pulls her husband off the roof into a tree. At the game, the paramedics treat a choking victim, a man with breathing difficulties, an injured photographer, and a TV announcer with heart trouble.
The Rifleman
The Executioner
The Rifleman
Lou Mallory
Businesswoman Lou Mallory has arrived in North Fork and quickly purchases land, which includes the hotel and Milly Scott's store. She pays higher prices than the sellers feel their properties are worth. Everyone is happy until they find out that Lou really is an astute businesswoman.
The Joker Is Wild
Tired of reminders about Trapper John's skill as a practical joker, B.J. bets Hawkeye he can prank everyone present.
Who Knew?
Hawkeye volunteers to deliver the eulogy for a dead nurse that he briefly dated, and belatedly discovers her deep feelings for him.
Gilligan's Island
Voodoo Something To Me
Skipper belives the Island is under the spell of Voodoo and that Gilligan has been turned into a chimp.
Happy Days
Joanie and Chachi come back to Milwaukee after spending the summer in Chicago. Joanie wants to move there to be with Chachi and to continue their music career. After telling Howard and Marion her plans, which include attending Northwestern University, Howard refuses to let her go.
Hogan's Heroes
Monkey Business
Hogan uses a stray chimpanzee to deliver radio parts to the Underground.
Welcome Back, Kotter
Beau's sweet-talking to Mr. Woodman backfires when the guys accuse him of bad-mouthing them.
The Odd Couple
The Frog
Oscar loses Leonard's entry in a frog-jumping event.
The Odd Couple
The Hollywood Story
Felix becomes Oscar's agent, who lands a bit part in a movie.
The Twilight Zone
Lt. Fitzgerald has found his own special wartime hell. Looking into the faces of his men prior to battle, he has the disquieting ability to see who is about to die.
Perry Mason
Vice: DR 30
Posing as orange growers, Friday and Gannon attempt to bust a gambling operation.
Credit Risk
After his wife's credit card is turned down attempting to buy a washing machine, an irate Reed begins a long and painful process with his bank to get his credit rating corrected. Out on patrol, he and Malloy investigate a parking lot hit and run accident based on the victim's recollection of the perpetrator's license plate number, search for two runaways who steal camping gear from a store's basement, and make a rare mistake after responding to a liquor store robbery.
Night Gallery
Finnegan’S Flight
A prison lifer yearning for freedom submits to a cellmate's experiments in mind over matter--with tragic results.
The Alfred Hitchcock Hour
Water's Edge
An ex-convict is determined to find burglary loot stashed by his previous cellmate.
The Prediction
A phony clairvoyant suddenly starts having genuine premonitions. Will he be able to save those closest to him when he sees death in their future?
Wagon Train
Clara Beauchamp Story
A cavalry colonel's wife tries to start a war with native americans as part of a convoluted scheme to get her husband promoted and transferred back east.
12 O'Clock High
We're Not Coming Back
The 918th bomber squadron's planes drop their bombs on wesselhaven and evade german fighters by heading south to north africa instead of west back to england as luftwaffe col. Falkenstein (gunnar hellstrom) had expected. Enraged, falkenstein himself takes four fighters after col. Joe gallagher's (paul burke) squadron. In the meantime, gallagher's plane has developed engine trouble and has been forced to ditch temporarily in yugoslavia, hopefully to repair the two damaged engines. On the ground a
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