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July 23
Now: The Cosby Show
Next: The Cosby Show
To get a wounded captain back to American lines, Saunders must get a claustrophic soldier to drive a German tank.
My Three Sons
Uncle Charley takes away Robbie's driving privileges after the campus beauty queen gets a $16 traffic ticket while driving his car. Robbie then faces the horror and humiliation of exisiting without a car, but soon to his amazement his girlfriend is enjoying walking home from school with him.
First, an unexpected friend stands up for a kitten being bullied by a dog. Then, a young author’s story shows that you shouldn’t let competition get in the way of friendship. Next, meet two unlikely, but inseparable friends. Then, a friendly cat helps a frog look for his toy. Finally, a boy who loves scaring people is in for a real surprise.
The Andy Griffith Show
Andy's Investment
Andy opens a coin laundry to save money for Opie's college education.
Inger, My Love
Ben indulges in a nostalgic reverie about Hoss's deceased mother. Having worked his way west to Galesburg, IL., Ben is befriended by a girl named Inger, the fiancee of the tavern owner who gave him a job.
The Mountain Girl
Raised in the hills by her reclusive grandfather Seth (Will Wright), Trudy is left in Joe Cartwright's care when Seth dies. Honoring a promise to the girl's late grandfather, Joe is determined to transform the hoydenish Trudy into a "lady", so that she can move into the San Francisco mansion of her other grandfather.
My Three Sons
The usually all-male Douglas household becomes a refuge for an attractive girl dancer who has been evicted from her apartment, when Steve attends an office stag dinner. He takes her home where he lends her some of Robbie's clothes.
Petticoat Junction
The Cannonball service creaks to a halt when Uncle Joe becomes General Manager of the Hooterville railroad.
The Beverly Hillbillies
Granny gets tired of the weather girl on TV saying that the weather is going to be clear when it is actually going to rain. She has ways to correct measure, mainly her weather beetle, Cecil. She confronts the head meteorologist of the U.S Weather Bureau but without luck. Jed goes down to speak to him and mentions the name Daisy,making Addison thinks he means Hurricane Daisy, and tells of the plan to get rid of her.
The Beverly Hillbillies
Countess Maria comes to Beverly Hills, making Mrs. Drysdale very excited. But she wants to keep the Countess away from the hillbillies. Though, that is too late. It's Spring Tonic time, and Granny passes it around the neighborhood, including at Countess Maria's house. She falls in love with the brew and visits the Clampetts. They become friends instantly. She starts falling for Jed, now planning to marry her 6th husband, hoping it is an American.
The Andy Griffith Show
Barney and the Choir
When the awful sound coming from the Mayberry choir is narrowed down to Barney, the members decide they must get rid of him. Since no one has the heart to do it, they set him up telling him he is singing into a supersensitive microphone, while someone else is actually singing the part back stage.
The Andy Griffith Show
Guest of Honor
As a sort of publicity stunt, the town decides to pull over the first car that drives through Mayberry, and make its occupant the town's guest of honor. When Andy and Barney discover that the man is a recently released convict set on robbing the town blind they must act quickly to avert disaster.
My Three Sons
Steve Douglas takes his family to his birthplace of Bedford Springs. He tries to locate his 1940 fiancee Ellen, married and still living in town, but he is disenchanted by the changes in her. Still pretty, she lives with her obnoxious husband and ill-mannered children.
The Brady Bunch
Peter, Jan and Cindy rush home from school with the news that they've joined the glee club. Feeling left out, Mike and Carol encourage Bobby to test his musical ability and they get him a set of drums. The family is soon driven up the wall, with Bobby's constant "practicing." Meanwhile, Peter is made fun of for being in the glee club by his football teammates, calling him a "canary."
Hit the Road, Jack
As Dan packs his bags to leave, Roseanne drowns her sorrows in fast food while driving aimlessly around Lanford, and D.J. finds a soul mate to share his troubles.
The War Room
When a heartbroken Roseanne locks herself in her room and won't come out, her family and friends all try in their own unique way to help her get out of her funk. Friends and family try an intervention after they're unable to rouse a listless Roseanne out of bed, where she's been for four days amid piles of junk food, depressed over Dan's affair.
Addams Family
Morticia learns that Uncle Fester has taken the National Beautification Program to heart and decides to herself and redecorates the house. She soon decides she wants to become a decorator and starts with the new neighbors, the Digbys. However, the Digbys are less than willing after they take a tour of the Addams home.
Addams Family
Pugsley shocks his parents when he announces that he would like to get a job and earn some money. After some failed attempts at getting jobs in a hospital, a bank and with a bookie, Mr. Henson hires Pugsley to do some chores around the house. However, Mr. Henson doesn't exactly get what he had in mind when he sees the results.
The Munsters
The Fregosi Emerald
It is Marilyn's birthday, and everyone has a gift for her. Eddie found his gift in the attic. It is a ring which Grandpa says is the Fregosi Emerald, which gives bad luck to whoever is wearing it. Herman doesn't believe it, but bad luck does indeed follow the wearer. Then it gets stuck on Herman's finger, so they try to find a member of the Fregosi family to remove the curse.
The Munsters
Eddie's Brother
Eddie wants a younger brother, so Grandpa makes a robot brother named Boris. Being a robot, Boris is the perfect child--so Eddie soon resents him.
Clair’s Liberation
Clair learns that she has begun menopause, and doesn't seem to have any trouble dealing with it. Theo, Vanessa and Pam conclude that Clair will suffer hot flashes all the time, become incredibly moody, and lose the ability to make simple decisions. They begin to treat Clair like an invalid so she and Cliff play a practical joke on the kids and make them believe that Clair has gone completely insane.
It’s Your Move
Elvin looks forward to watching the Giants-Eagles playoff game at the Huxtable house. Sondra foils his plans by agreeing to help some friends move at the same time. Although several of the couple's friends have promised to help out, Sondra and Elvin are the only ones who show up.
Hawaii Five-O
Double Exposure
A press photographer is pursued relentlessly after she takes a photo of a supposedly dead gangster who has returned to the islands to take control of the local syndicate.
The Town Tamers
Matt and Luke come to restore order to a town and hide their badge as walk in a bar. They find out that it will be hard work. Luke runs into a woman that he once loved Caleb wants Luke as his dad. Luke is told to go after the woman he loves and take her back. Luke wonders if being a Marshal is a good idea, he marries Caleb's mom and is told men are coming to the café to keep the town from dying. Matt returns with Festus and Newly to help out. Luke is leaving his job as Marshal.
Pete is leading Lieutenant Matthew Perry to his father, General Augustus Perry, who is bring 500 head of cattle for the Indians. The son of Pete's friend Grey Hawk, Wild Horse, has escaped and is raiding.
Hound Dog
Muley is on this occasion accompanied by an equally noisy pack of hound dogs. Hoping to train the dogs to hunt the coyotes which have been preying upon the Ponderosa livestock, Hoss Cartwright gets into a passel of trouble when the dogs' real owner, a girl named Tracy (Sue Ann Langdon) shows up, claiming that the hounds were stolen from her.
The Bullwinkle Show
The Andy Griffith Show
Barney's Uniform
The grocery store clerk (Fred) repeatedly sweeps trash into the street, even after Barney writes him a citation. Fred threatens that if he ever sees Barney out of uniform, he'll pound him. Barney creates excuse after excuse as to why he always wears his uniform, even to the big town dance. Not surprisingly, Andy schemes a plot to get Fred off of Barney's back.
The Andy Griffith Show
Opie's Fortune
Opie stumbles upon a wallet with 50.00 dollars in it. He turns it into his father's office and waits the 7 day period that he is told he needs to wait before claiming the money as his own. He gets the money but not before the rightful owner has placed an ad in the newspaper that Barney sees.
I Love Lucy
Lucy Gets Ricky On the Radio
Lucy secretly books Ricky on a radio quiz show.
Mission: Impossible
Toshio Masaki, a powerful anti-American industrialist, kills his sister and frames her husband, an American businessman named Harry Kellem, so as to discredit America and discredit the Economic Council. Paris and Willy enter as a Kabuki artist and a fighter (along with Jim) while Barney and Dana sneak into the grounds and restage the murder as they believe it occurred but with no way of knowing how it ended well enough to convince Musaki. To create a distraction, Willy must engage in a fight wit
Paid Program
The Lucy Show
Lucy Goes to a Hollywood Premiere
Lucy takes over a neighbor's "maps to the stars' homes" business. This leads to her acting as an usher at a big Hollywood movie premiere, in a uniform that's way too small. Look for cameos from Kirk Douglas, Jimmy Durante, Edward G. Robinson, Vince Edwards, and "Mayor of Hollywood" Johnny Grant..
The Lucy Show
Lucy Dates Dean Martin
Lucy is set up on a date with Dean Martin's stunt double. When the double can't make it, Dean himself substitutes on the date. During the date Lucy keeps telling him how bad it is that Dean Martin is stealing all of his glory.
My Three Sons
The Douglas family cancels a camping trip to play host to unexpected Chinese friends from Bryant Park who are en route to Hong Kong and this ultimately upsets their Chinese relatives when they are asked to stay overnight.
The Streets of San Francisco
Child of Anger
A clothing designer finds herself on the front page after her daughter confesses to the murder of her latest fling. Later, Lt. Stone and Insp. Robbins investigate her daughter's claim, only to realize that she's really a witness and not a murderer.
The Fugitive
While working as a veterinarian assistant in a rural town in Utah, Kimble becomes acquainted with Ruth Simmons, an unwed teenage mother who has a sickly infant. But her father, Joshua, is a Christian Scientist whose religion prohibits the use of medicine for any ailment. Kimble brings over antibiotics, but Joshua destroys the drugs.
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