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August 20
Now: The Andy Griffith Show
Next: Bonanza
Three replacements, "One limping, one homesick and one green" join the squad as they go out on a reconaissance patrol.
My Three Sons
Ernie feels neglected when the other members of the Douglas family are busy with various girlfriends and he is left alone. Close to tears, Ernie is puzzled and saddened by the mysterious powers of the opposite sex. He's even more puzzled when he meets eleven year old Linda-Lou.
The Andy Griffith Show
Goober's Replacement
Goober goes on vacation and can't find anyone to replace him at Wally's Gas Station. His new sweetheart, Flora, who used to work at the diner is now available to fill in for him. Business booms while he is gone and she ends up with Goober's job after he quits. Flora becomes obssessed with increasing business at the station and doesn't notice that Goober hasn't been able to find anything else. It takes Andy's country logic to make her realize that she needs to have her priorities straight and mak
A Passion for Justice
Renowned English novelist Charles Dickens comes to Virginia City. In short order, he is accused of a crime he didn't commit. The problem then becomes how to convince the stubborn author to defend himself.
A Question of Strength
A stagecoach containing Hoss and two nuns is robbed. Later, one of the badly wounded robbers finds himself in their power.
My Three Sons
Steve Douglas turns a business trip to Hong Kong into a vacation for the whole family. Uncle Charley, who once lived in China, is reluctant to visit modern Hong Kong, for apparently he still carries a torch for a beautiful girl he knew in the 1930s.
Petticoat Junction
Thanks to Uncle Joe's loose lips, everybody in the valley knows that Steve Elliot is going to marry Betty Jo...except Betty Jo.
The Beverly Hillbillies
After Granny mistakes an ostrich that Drysdale owns for a giant chicken, which she believes she caused to grow to a huge size with her "growing tonic," made for her tomatoes, she tries to shrink it down to size and keep it a secret from anyone who could find out. She never does succeed in shrinking it back down to normal, so in the end Granny decides to enter this giant bird in the county fair because a creature of this size will definitely win a blue ribbon.
The Beverly Hillbillies
Granny predicts that Elly will get married, but Jed doesn’t believe her. However, when Jethro tells them Sonny Drysdale is returning, Granny believes that this will be Jed’s future son-in-law. Drysdale believes the same thing, and has Sonny and Elly set up to be married. Drysdale makes Sonny get a job, selling beauty products door-to-door.
The Andy Griffith Show
A Wife for Andy
Barney believes that Andy should be getting married.
The Andy Griffith Show
Dogs, Dogs, Dogs
When one of the top notch officials arrives, they find a courthouse full of dogs.
My Three Sons
Steve's unusual behaviour convinces his family that he is about to be secretly married. The boys plan to leave home to provide privacy for the newlyweds, and Charley arranges to ship out on a freighter. Steve brings the pretty blonde girl home to meet the family, only to find the house deserted.
The Brady Bunch
Greg wants to be on the football team, but Carol is against it, fearing that he's going to get hurt. Carol's fears come true when Greg fractures a rib which threatens his first string status. Meanwhile, Bobby gets a camera and begins snapping surprise photos of the entire family.
Sweet Dreams
Roseanne tries to get a few minutes of relaxation in the bathtub, but she ends up getting constant interruptions from her family--and a fantasy about two hunks. As she gets rid of each family member in a killing fantasy frenzy, she gets arrested and must stand trial.
We Gather Together
On Thanksgiving Day, Jackie finally spills the news of her new job to her mother. The two of them end up the main event in a series of bickering and snickering that flows through the holiday feast. After everone is finished eating, and complaining about everyone else, Dan gets a huge shock, when he finds his father romancing Crystal.
Addams Family
Gomez has written a play that is to be presented for Wednesday's birthday. Morticia has been cast as the female lead while Cousin Itt has been cast in the male lead role. Soon, a director is hired, and Cousin Itt is coached on how to speak slower for his part, but soon the possibility of fortune and fame goes to Cousin Itt's head and he becomes hard to work with.
Addams Family
The family becomes alarmed when Pugsley seemingly becomes ill, but they soon discover that it is a bad case of puppy love and it is over his teacher, Miss Dunbar. Pugsley decides to write her a love letter and uses an old letter Gomez had written for Morticia, which leads to Miss Dunbar becoming convinced Gomez has fallen for her.
The Munsters
Herman's Child Psychology
Eddie's friend says that he will be running away from home, and tries to convince Eddie to do the same. When the family is nice to Eddie, he says they are being mean, and says he will run away and live in a cave in the woods. Herman plays along, thinking if he lets him leave, he'll come back. When Eddie leaves and doesn't return, Herman goes to look for him. He goes to the cave and takes home what he thinks is Eddie--but is really a baby bear.
The Munsters
The Man for Marilyn
When Marilyn arrives home from another wedding, the Munsters feel bad that she will never marry. Grandpa decides to turn a nearsighted frog into a prince by turning a potion into a fly and having the frog eat it. However, nothing happens. The Munsters go out but Marilyn stays home in her room. She gets locked in and calls for the help of a passing stranger, who climbs up the trellis to rescue her. From her description of the situation, he thinks some monsters have her held prisoner. When the Mun
Pilot Presentation
Clair is furious when Theo brings home a report card with 4 D's. He tells Cliff that he has no intention of going to college, as he feels that he is destined to be a "regular person." Cliff uses Monopoly money to teach him about the economic realities that many blue-collar workers must face. He assures Theo that he only wants him to try his best. Cliff is alarmed to meet Denise's latest beau, a former merchant marine who once spent time in a Turkish prison.
Goodbye Mr. Fish
Rudy becomes very sad after her pet goldfish, Lamont, dies. Cliff accuses the rest of the family of being insensitive to her plight, and forces everyone to get dressed up and attend a funeral for Lamont in the bathroom. The event ends abruptly after Rudy becomes bored and decides to leave to watch television.
Hawaii Five-O
When a photographer takes a picture of a politician making a deal with an underworld figure, he tries blackmail. However, he is not prepared for the ruthless nature of the mobsters.
The Colonel
Lee J. Cobb and his daughter Julie Cobb appear together for the first time when Cobb guest-stars as a once-proud military officer who is suddenly faced with a painful and unplanned reunion with his daughter.
The drive stops near High Divide for a welcome break but then they find out Lola's saloon is watering the booze and cheating the drovers. On top of that, the supplies Wishbone bought are bad.
A Man Without Land
Ben Cartwright prevents crooked Ponderosa foreman Ed Philips (Jeremy Slate) from swindling rancher Matt Jeffers (Royal Dano). In retaliation, Philips uses Joe Cartwright and Jeffers' son Harry (James Gammon) as pawns in an elaborate revenge scheme. As a result, Harry lies dead, and Joe is accused of his murder.
The Bullwinkle Show
The Andy Griffith Show
Helen's Past
As Andy is looking through Helen's old newspaper clippings, he finds one of her being taken to jail by the police. He decides to keep his discovery secret, until it leaks out to the school board which could destroy Helen's teaching career.
The Andy Griffith Show
Emmett's Anniversary
Emmett Clark cannot decide on a suitable 25th anniversary gift for his wife. Helpful waitress Flora Mahlerbie finds a way and suggests her friend Bernie the wholesale fur man as the golden answer to Emmett's problem. Flora takes Emmett to Bernie's shop one night to haggle over furs and things. Ultimately, though, Emmett's wife sees Emmett with Flora and thinks they are having an affair. She returns to Andy's house and Andy is forced to tell the truth. Emmet's wife is thrilled with the prospect o
I Love Lucy
Lucy's Show Biz Swan Song
Despite her pregnancy, Lucy wants to appear in Ricky's Gay Nineties revue at the Tropicana. After a disastrous audition, Lucy disguises herself and sneaks into the barbershop quartet number, and then proceeds to ruin it.
Mission: Impossible
Gregory Tolan leads an underground cell specializing in bank robberies with the money going to finance an American revolution. His mysterious sponsor is Jonathan Brace, who runs other such cells throughout the U.S. The IMF must find out Brace's identity and apprehend him. Phelps (as a demo expert) and Dana (as his insider at Tolan's next target) get recruited and has to make sure Tolan steals the money without the police knowing so he can lead them to Brace. When Jim stops Tolan from shooting Wi
Paid Program
The Lucy Show
Lucy the Philanthropist
Lucy helps out a hobo by inviting him in for a hot meal. When she learns he's look for a job, she brings him to the bank, hoping Mr. Mooney will give him a job. Mooney, meanwhile, has heard there's a millionaire masquerading as a panhandler who's handing out cash rewards to Good Samaritans.
The Lucy Show
Lucy and Carol Burnett (Part 1)
In the first of a two-parter, Lucy becomes a trainee flight attendant for Trans-Global Airways. She's teamed with fellow trainee Carol Tilford, who's afraid of heights. On their very first flight, the movie breaks, leaving the two to entertain the passengers themselves. They perform "That's Entertainment" and impressions of Chaplin and Durante.
My Three Sons
The baby stirs inside Katie and Robbie feels its movement and suddenly sheds his youthful ways to become very much the sober and altogether too serious expectant father. Meanwhile, fatherhood is taking a different approach when Tramp's puppies to the next door neighbor's dog Frances, are about to be born.
The Streets of San Francisco
The Bullet
A college professor, shot accidentally while trying to pay off a blackmailer, refuses to co-operate with Stone's investigation for fear that the publicity will lose him an upcoming promotion.
The Fugitive
After finding that the one-armed man is not the same man he saw fleeing his house the night of Helen's murder, Kimble flees from Los Angeles, barely escaping Gerard's dragnet. Tired of running, Kimble hopes to lie low in Santa Barbara and finally confides in Karen and shares his secret.
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