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September 1
Now: The Munsters
Next: The Munsters
A soldier's resentment of a street tough's taunts of cowardice causes problems for the squad.
My Three Sons
Ernie's excited reports of seeing a flying saucer are received with skepticism, but the next day he not only sees the weird vehicle again, but he snaps some pictures and is later told by the Air Force to keep quiet about it.
Giraffe goes to the White House for advice about Bully Banana. Will there be a sweet ending to the story about the mean cookies who tease the pie? Go Green and rap along with superhero duo Green Girl and her sidekick puppet Reese Ikle. Travel to the tree tops and underground in NewsFlash. Listen to the powerful plea to stop the violence in this seventh grader’s poem.
The Andy Griffith Show
Dinner at Eight
With Aunt Bee off visiting realtives and Opie away on a Scout trip, Andy is home alone. He is ready to spend a relaxing evening when Goober arrives to keep him company. He insists on making his special spaghetti recipe. Andy gives in, eats heartily, and then is reminded by Goober of an invitation to Howard's for dinner. Andy goes to see Howard, who did not actually invite Andy at all. They still whip up some spaghetti and eat, but then Andy realizes dinner was at Helen's. He rushes over, but is
Hoss & the Leprechauns
Hoss goes leprechaun hunting, hoping to find gold.
The Cheating Game
Kathie Browne returns in the role of Laura Dayton, erstwhile sweetheart of Adam Cartwright. A smooth stranger named Ward Bannister (Peter Breck) arrives in town claiming that Laura's husband had willed her a fortune. Unaware that the duplicitous Bannister is harboring ulterior motives, Laura becomes attracted to the man, causing friction between herself and Adam.
My Three Sons
Robbie is delighted when college classmate Peggy moves in next door, and the pair immediately go to work on a joint assignment for their Shakespeare class. He plays Romeo to her Juliet when a feud between the two families seems imminent.
Petticoat Junction
The honeymoon might be over, when Steve and Betty Jo have their first arguement, over whether Steve should have a night out with the guys. Uncle Joe and Bobbie Jo don't help matters by dispensing their own advice to Steve and Betty Jo.
The Beverly Hillbillies
A young girl shows up at the Clampett mansion, claiming she is a friend from back home, Emaline Fetty. The Clampetts welcome her in their house. But it turns out that Emaline is working with someone to blackmail the Clampetts. She takes pictures of her and Jed in a compromising position. Colonel Foxhall, the man who is in control of the caper, and Emaline develop the photos and show them to Jane and Drysdale, who believe something else is going on.
The Beverly Hillbillies
Drysdale is intent on getting the Clampetts to identify Colonel Foxhall and Emaline Fetty as dangerous criminals. Emaline is in hiding, but visits Jethro, tricking him into helping her hide from the police. The Clampetts mistake the officer that brought Foxhall as a criminal, and Foxhall gets away from the man holding him and hides in the Clampett mansion. He flirts with Granny in the kitchen to get away.
The Andy Griffith Show
Opie and His Merry Men
Opie and his friends dash off to the woods to play Robin Hood when they find a person that is hungry. The person tells the story of Robin Hood to the boys and fills them in on stealing stuff. The boys starts taking food items to the woods for that person.
The Andy Griffith Show
Barney and the Cave Rescue
Barney is made fun of by the town after he mistakes the owner of the Mayberry bank as a robber. Andy decides to cheer him up by taking him, Helen, and Thelma Lou on a picnic. Andy and Helen go into Lost Lovers Cave and get trapped when it almost collapses. Barney gets a bunch of people to save them.
My Three Sons
Steve Douglas passes up his company's offer of a weekend in Rio because Saturday is the start of trout season. The boys do their best to get Steve to make Ernie his fishing buddy so Robbie and Chip can get out of the annual trip.
The Brady Bunch
Peter comes home with the great news that he's been given his own column in the school newspaper. Peter quickly becomes popular with his classmates when they find their names in his newspaper column. Meanwhile, when starts getting a poor grade in his biology class, he decides to improve it by flattering his teacher in his column.
Happy Birthday
Roseanne's birthday approaches, and she begins to look back on some of her old goals, and misses her writing. Determined to restart her hobby, she starts to write in the early mornings, while the family slept, to no avail. Dan sees that she is serious about wantng to write, so for her 37th birthday, he creates a writing room for her in the basement, complete with desk, pencils, paper....and privacy. Her dream come true, except that now she has writer's block.
The Test
The family is on pins and needles when Roseanne thinks that she is pregnant again, each member voicing their unwanted opinion to her one by one. As the clock ticks away, waiting five minutes for the test result seems like an eternity. Meanwhile Becky is growing impatient, waiting for Dan to give her a driving lesson.
Addams Family
The school principal threatens to expel Pugsley and Wednesday after they are caught playing with dynamite caps. Enraged, Gomez and Morticia decide to pull them out of public school and enroll them in a private school, Mockridge Hall, which just happens to be run by ex-truant officer, Sam Hilliard. Hilliard is soon in for another bizarre encounter with the Addams family, as Gomez has decided to purchase Mockridge Hall.
Addams Family
When Kitty Cat comes down with a loss of appetite, Gomez and Morticia at first think he's just lonely. Cousin Itt suggests that he may have a cold, which leads the family to seek help from a veterinarian but after the vet takes one look at Kitty Cat he looses his confidence. The family then concocts a scheme to help him get his confidence back by treating other members of the family.
The Munsters
Pike's Pique
When the gas company decides to run a new pipeline, it poses a problem for the Munsters. At the depth the gas company is planning it would send the pipe right through Grandpa’s lab. Work presses on till the workers are frightened by the way the Munsters look.
The Munsters
Munster Masquerade
The Munsters are invited to a masquerade party by Marilyn’s boyfriend. With carefully-picked costumes for the event everyone is shocked when Herman wins…for wearing one mask under another one.
Theo and the Joint
Clair accidentally knocks one of Theo's books off the kitchen table and discovers a joint. They confront Theo, who adamantly declares that the joint is not his and that he has never done drugs. Cliff and Clair insist that they believe him, but Theo is furious that he was subjected to accusations because of someone else's actions. Meanwhile, gossip Vanessa annoys Cliff and Theo with her constant pathetic attempts to pry information about Theo's situation.
Vanessa’s New Class
Vanessa prepares for the science fair. She believes that her project is very good, but Denise warns that she may need to work harder to keep up with the kids in her new advanced class. Clair tries to keep the status of the broken dishwasher a secret from Cliff.
Hawaii Five-O
Full Fathom
Rich widows from the mainland are turning up missing soon after visiting the Hawaiian Islands. McGarrett suspects that a single person or group is behind the disappearances. Thus, Five-O sends a policewoman undercover on a cruise as bait.
Hard Labor
Matt Dillon is sentenced to life imprisonment of hard labor for shooting a fugitive in the town of Bedrock.
Morris G. Stevens, a failed actor, toured the world as a clown. Now a philologist he wants to create a Comanche dictionary.
Judgement at Olympus
Candy stands accused of murder in the town of Olympus. The victim's father is determined to give Candy a fair trial, but then Joe is locked up on suspicion of murder as well. It's up to Hoss to figure out what's going on in Olympus in enough time to save both Joe and Candy.
The Bullwinkle Show
The Andy Griffith Show
A Man's Best Friend
Opie makes friends with Tommy, the new kid in town. Tommy is a bit mischevious, climbing up on the roof of Andy's building, and taking out a gun from Andy's gun rack even after Andy warns him TWICE not to. Goober gets a dog which he names "Spot" (because there are no spots). Tommy hides one of his walkie-talkies in Spot's collar and he and Opie lead Goober on to thinking that Spot can talk. The tables are turned, however, when Andy uses Tommy's love of horses to teach him a lesson.
The Andy Griffith Show
Aunt Bee Takes a Job
Feeling bored and lonely in the afternoons, Aunt Bee asks Andy if it would be alright if she get an afternoon job. After looking through the want ads, she gets hired at a printing company, not knowing that her bosses are counterfeiters.
I Love Lucy
Lucy's Last Birthday
Convinced everyone has forgotten her birthday, a forlorn Lucy sits on a park bench and meets up with a group of musical "lost souls." To embarrass Ricky, she brings them to the Tropicana, only to discover that a surprise birthday party awaits her.
Mission: Impossible
Alex Pierson, a rising Syndicate member, has recruited Dr. Burke, a psychopathic behavioral psychologist who has developed a way to program men into killers. Pierson lures in underworld criminals with an offer of plastic surgery and turns them over to Burke, who programs them to kill Pierson's targets three times then kill themselves. Barney infiltrates as a crook on the run but when he fails to dose himself with a counter-drug, he is converted into a psychotic killer as well. They lose contact
Paid Program
The Lucy Show
Lucy Plays Cleopatra
The Danfield Women's Volunteer Fire Fighters put on Shakespeare's play Antony and Cleopatra. Lucy is cast as Cleopatra with Viv, in male drag, as Marc Antony. The two dueling divas try to upstage each other during the performance, infuriating their pretentious director Professor Gitterman.
The Lucy Show
Kiddie Parties, Inc.
The high cost of their kids' birthday parties inspires Lucy and Viv's latest money-making scheme. They'll make easy money with their own children's party business. What can goes wrong does at their first event.
My Three Sons
It may not be poker, but nine in the Douglas family is a full house. Feeling somewhat responsible, Robbie decides to quit school in order to pursue work full time and find a new home for his family. A wise school counsellor takes steps to discourage the move. Meanwhile Steve designs some plans for an extension to the house to accomodate the babies further.
The Streets of San Francisco
The House on Hyde Street
When a boy disappears after school, suspicion falls on the neighborhood recluse.
The Fugitive
A discarded photograph, with Kimble in the background, leads Gerard to Chicago where he assembles a team of detectives where they trap Kimble within an eight-block radius of the city. With Kimble wondering from place to place, and being recognized by whomever he comes into contact with, he flees from both policemen and local citizens, finding refuge in a small house which is the home of two middle-aged men, named Jake Devlin and Sam Reed, whom have long argued over his innocence.
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