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Michael Rooker
Star of 'Walking Dead' and summer blockbuster 'Guardians of the Galaxy,' Michael Rooker drops by...
Ella Jenkins
Celebrating her 90th birthday, Ella Jenkins, The First Lady of the Children’s Folk Song, drops...
After a harrowing drive downtown, Chicago native and funnyman Godfrey drops by for a few...
Football Game Gadgets
From the IGrill Mini to wireless lighting and, of course, a killer 4K TV and...
Magnificent Mile Shopping Festival
Featuring gourmet food tastings, pop-up shopping and a women’s marathon, the Magnificent Mile Shopping Festival...
Air & Water Show – This Weekend
Aly Bockler speaks with Blue Angels Lieutenant Commander Nate Barton about all the action-packed, high-flying...
Hot Pet Products
From a super-safe car seat and healthy treats to raincoats and tough toys, pet expert...


August 23
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26 North Halsted
Dino Dog and Pterodactyl face-off in this rollicking treasure hunt. Roarr - little lion learns he might not be as fierce as he thinks. Next, a basement is full of fuzz balls. Are they scary or is it just your imagination? Rhyme to a rhythm in this sweet candy rap.
Young Icons (E/I)
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Frankenstein Meets the Wolfman
Two of the silver screen's most fearsome creatures battle it out when the Wolfman seeks to end his life and looks to the notorious Dr. Frankenstein for help. Featuring the original Wolfman, Lon Chaney, Jr. and Bela Lugosi ("Dracula") as Frankenstein's monster.
A Terrible Thing Happened On My Tour of College
Musical guest: Big Pun Moesha and her friends visit Charisse, Moesha's cousin, at Maynard University during Prospective Freshman Weekend. While there, they tour the entire campus and meet new friends (Iris and Mervin) as well as Moesha's ex-boyfriend Aaron. Old sparks flame again for Moesha and Aaron, but she becomes more interested in Mervin. Later, Mervin slips Moesha a drug in her drink, but Aaron comes to her rescue.
Birth Control
When Nicey reveals that she is the first one of the group to have sex, a curious Moesha visits a health clinic to find answers to her questions. She is prescribed birth control pills which Dee finds resulting in a talk about sex. Moesha meets Aaron for a romantic night but all doesn't go as planned
The Steve Harvey Show
Lovita Doesn't Live Here Anymore
After a fight with her mama, Lovita moves in with Cedric. But when Regina sympathizes, Lovita moves in with her. - - - Following an argument with her mother, Lovita arrives to stay with Cedric and Steve, despite Steve's objections. But when Lovita's mother calls Cedric, Lovita is upset when Cedric appears to take her mother's side. And when Regina defends her, Steve suggests Lovita move in with Regina. Despite Regina's efforts to stop her, she does just that!
The Steve Harvey Show
The Snow Job
A snowstorm strands Lovita at Steve's, while Cedric waits out the blizzard at Regina's. - - - With Cedric and Lovita going on a romantic getaway and Regina planning on a ski weekend with her new boyfriend, Steve is all alone for a big date of his own. As Lovita waits at the apartment for him to arrive, Cedric is at Regina's delivering a ski rack he's loaning her. But when a big snowstorm hits and Regina's flight is cancelled, the impassable roads also strand Cedric at her house.
The Jamie Foxx Show
You Ain't Gotta Go Home, But
Financial woes cause Braxton and Jamie to become an odd couple of roommates.
The Jamie Foxx Show
The After School Special
Jamie's young pal Nelson (Orlando Brown) gets his hands on a gun after being worked over by a schoolyard bully.
I Can't Believe It's Butter
Al's friends get addicted to calling a woman named Butter at a 1-900 phone sex line, but Al finds out that the woman is Peg's mother.
Love Conquers Al
Al, Peggy, and her parents go to a marriage retreat and water park to get her parents back together. Meanwhile, Kelly has a guy she likes, Carlos, who agrees to date her if Bud can amuse his sister.
Kiss of Death
Eric accidentally runs over Donna's cat, Mr. Bonkers, but fails to mention this to her. Kelso finds out that having two girlfriends isn't as wonderful as he thought it would be, and decides to break up with Laurie. He's surprised when she takes it well and only asks for one last kiss goodbye, but that one kiss causes more than one goodbye.
Kelso's Serenade
Kelso, depressed over his break-up with Jackie, is determined to get her back. He comes up with a fool-proof plan to win her over: a seranade. Jackie, however, has a new idea of who she likes now, and he's the sweetest, coolest, guy around: Hyde. Donna begins to feel that Eric is taking her for granted, now that they've "done it."
The Scofflaw
George meets an old friend who's spent the last few months undergoing chemotherapy, that everyone new except him. Kramer calls a litterbug "a pig" near a cop who's on a quest to catch a longtime parking ticket scofflaw. Kramer wanting to change his image, asks Elaine where her old boyfriend got his glasses. He goes to see him at a book signing and says hi for Elaine, that means that she has lost the "upper hand" in their breakup, so she confronts him and then gets even by getting a copy of his g
And Then There Were Fewer (Part 1)
People throughout Quahog are summoned to a mysterious mansion, where actor James Woods hosts a dinner party to atone for his misdeeds—and guests begin dying, one by one.
Burning Down The Bayit
Six Million Dollar Mon
Decon Stan, Jesus Man
Stan faces off against his neighbor, Chuck White, in a bid to become Deacon of his church; Steve is impregnated with Roger’s alien baby.
Bullocks to Stan
Hoping for a promotion, Stan looks the other way when Bullock begins dating Hayley; Steve and Roger make prank phone calls.
And Then Were Fewer (Part 2)
After more of James Woods’ dinner party guests meet grisly fates, the identity of the mysterious killer is revealed.
A Smith In The Hand
After warning Steve about the dangers of sexual self-gratification, Stan finds himself hopelessly addicted; Roger gets a bartender’s license.
Butterjunk Effect
Six Million Dollar Mon
All About Steve
Stan gets a taste of his own medicine after disowning Steve for being a geek; Roger attends a science-fiction convention.
Con Heir
After Grandpa dies, Stan introduces the family to his real father, a debonair secret agent. But when Stan accompanies his father on a mission to retrieve uranium that terrorists have supposedly hidden in a museum, he discovers that Jack is really a jewel thief. Meanwhile, Steve falls for an eighty-year-old woman.
Cheaters Weekend
Republic of Doyle
St. John's Town
A big deal could mean all the difference for real estate agent Tonya St. Croix, but someone is trying to jinx things, and she hires the Doyles to find out who it is that is scaring off her clients. The investigation leads Jake to the Mayor, and he finds out some information that threatens the Mayor's political future.
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