Tom Welling To Appear In Crisis On Infinite Earths As Superman

Tom Welling will play the legendary superhero in the upcoming crossover event, Crisis on Infinite Earths.

September 20, 2019 8:20AM
Svengoolie Is Headed To The DC Universe

Starting this fall Chicago's own Svengoolie will be headed off to meet the likes of Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman and more!

Change Is Coming To Antenna Viewers on October 18th

If you use an antenna to watch you will need to do a simple rescan to watch your shows without interruption.

New Batwoman Trailer Shows She Doesn't Play By The Rules

Kate Kane is not much of a rule follower and Luke Fox is. They'll have to work together to save Gotham.

Nancy Drew Cast Talks Father-Daughter Dynamic

Off-camera Kennedy McMann and Scott Wolf found immediate chemistry. On-screen their character conflict is what helps define Nancy Drew for a new generation.

Check Out The iHeartRadio Music Festival Lineup

The 2019 iHeartRadio Music Festival is coming back to Las Vegas and this year's lineup is as electric as ever.

The Tamron Hall Show, Now Six Days A Week

Less than a week into the Tamron Hall show and the people have already decided - they want more Tamron Hall in their lives!

Arrow Season One Character Returns for Final Season

Yao Fei, played by Byron Mann, was Oliver Queen's mentor in the first season of Arrow and he will be returning for the final season of the series as well.

Batwoman, Riverdale and Nancy Drew Headed to NY Comic-Con

Next month the pop culture center of the world will be the New York Comic-Con including a slew of CW stars!