What to drink to avoid the new Cook County beverage tax

Starting today, Cook County residents may see a significant increase in their grocery bill. The sweetened beverage tax went into full effect, and many are upset about it. There will be a penny-per-ounce tax imposed on beverages such as soda, sports drinks, energy drinks and pre-made coffee beverages, just to name a few. However, fitness and nutrition expert Steph Mansour stopped by The Jam today to give us a few healthy alternatives that will help our waistlines and wallet.

Soda —> Sparkling Water with Fruit

Sparkling water is not an item that will be taxed under the new ordinance, so adding a little fruit or fresh herbs to your the sparkling water can give you the fizzy flavor that many people love. This also has far fewer calories than soda.

Sports Drinks –> Coconut Water

Coconut water is not sweetened with sugar so it is another item that will not be subjected to the additional tax. Coconut water naturally contains carbohydrates and refuels electrolytes. This makes it a replacement option for sports drinks. It also contains fewer calories and less sodium than most sports drinks.

Juice boxes –> Infused Water

Kids love juice boxes, but a healthier alternative is infused water with oranges. This will give kids a natural alternative that is not filled with sugar and dyes. If the child is not enthusiastic by giving up their favorite juice beverage, you can add a little squirt of the favorite drink to add more flavor.

Energy drinks –> Vitamin Supplements

Many people need an extra kick int he morning so they grab energy drinks. However, the tired morning feeling could be an indicator of a lack of Vitamin D or B12. You can purchase some supplements or drops to add to your water. This can help eliminate that tired feeling. If you still feel like you are lagging, try a bit of coffee with no sweeteners.

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