Menu Item of the Week: Mikkey’s Wings

In Chicago, deep dish pizza, hot dogs and popcorn get a lot of attention. Yet, Chicago has another popular item — chicken wings covered in mild sauce. The "mystery" mild sauce that is offered at Harold’s Chicken Shack and Uncle Remus Saucy Fried Chicken is a mixture of barbecue sauce, hot sauce, ketchup… and a little magic. However, those famous sauces have a new contender. 

Mikkey’s Retro Grill, located at 5319 S. Hyde Park Boulevard, has its own version of this sauce called Rico’s Mild. Their party wings dosed in mild sauce will change your perception of fried chicken.

That is just one of the options, as Mikkey's Grill slathers more flavored sauces such as Tropical Haberno, Buffalo Bourbon and Sriracha. An order of four wings is priced at $6.24. Prices increase with larger orders.