Running List Of Laws The Drew Crew Has Broken

November 13, 2019 12:06PM

The latest installment in the Nancy Drew franchise not only features supernatural elements, but also a cast of characters that are willing to get their hands dirty to uncover the truth.

Let's see what trouble the Drew Crew has gotten into so far this season...

Breaking and Entering

Who: Nancy Drew

When: In episode one, Nancy wanted to see if Ryan Hudson was hiding anything after the mysterious death of his wife so she decided to let herself into his home!

Petty Theft

Who: Nancy Drew

When: When inside Ryan Hudson's home obviously Nancy needed to take some evidence back with her and it's better to beg for forgiveness than ask for permission right?

Trespassing on Federal Property

Who: Nancy Drew

When: The lone item on the list that Nancy is in trouble for, our detective was caught in the act of breaking into the town morgue to take a blood sample from the late Tiffany Hudson.

Tampering with evidence

Who: Carsen Drew

When: After being cornered by his daughter over a bloody dress in the attic, we see Nancy's father burning the dress. Is the dress evidence? We don't know for sure yet but it definitely makes us suspect that Carsen is hiding something.

Breaking and Entering

Who: Ned Nickerson and Nancy Drew

When: Following the clues left for them by Tiffany, Ned and Nancy have to break into one of Tiffany's residences to see what she has left for them. Technically Tiffany did lead the pair there, but they still technically broke in so it's on the list.

Identity Theft

Who: Bess Marvin

When: Pretty much from the beginning? We were introduced to Bess as Bess Marvin but only recently learned she doesn't know for sure if she is a distant relative of the wealthy Marvin family.

Hacking a Computer To Obtain Information

Who: Ace

When: At the request of his former (and maybe current) fling Laura Hudson, Ace hacks the town's computer system to get Laura her sister's 9-1-1 telephone call.

Breaking and Entering

Who: Laura Tandy

When: Laura sneaks into Ned's apartment and takes a hidden flash drive from him containing evidence her sister was collecting.

Attempted Murder

Who: (Possessed) George

When: Although she was unsuccessful, a possessed George was ready to take revenge on Ryan for his infidelity right in the middle of a charity function.

We may not know what the Drew Crew is doing next, but we do know there's a good chance they won't stay out of trouble for long.

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