Arrow Season One Character Returns for Final Season

September 11, 2019 4:21PM

Yao Fei, played by Byron Mann, was Oliver Queen's mentor in the first season of Arrow and he will be returning for the final season of the series as well.

While Yao Fei was killed in the first season of the show, an infinite number of earths and timelines would support the idea of another Yao Fei possibly making his way into the Arrowverse via the Crisis on Infinite Earth crossover. Or perhaps Yao's return to the series indicates that the final season of Arrow will indulge fans in a nostalgia-filled trip down memory lane.

Either way, it seems fitting that Oliver, played by Stephen Amell, will spend time with the man who taught him to shoot an arrow before everything comes to an end.

You can watch the final season of Arrow live starting Tuesday, October 15th on Chicago's New Home for The CW, CW26.