Next Week On The Tamron Hall Show

October 16, 2020 5:14AM

Next week is filled with all-new episodes of the Tamron Hall Show! Here is what to look forward to…

Monday, October 19th

A conversation with Amy Winehouse’s father Mitch Winehouse on his daughter’s death, the signs he missed and raising awareness about addiction. Plus, Derek Hough discusses his Dancing with the Stars homecoming and returning to the ballroom floor with his girlfriend. 

Tuesday, October 20th

Hear unbelievable stories of sole survivors who are using their second chances to help others.

Wednesday, October 21st

Grammy-winning singer Brandy on her struggle with depression, new music, and what’s next. Plus, Brandy’s younger brother Ray J joins the conversation on life as an entertainment family and his new single. 

Thursday, October 22nd

Do people get paid for this? Hear unique, creative, and sometimes bizarre jobs that pay the bills.

Friday, October 23rd

It's a feel-good Friday: why finding joy is so important right now and sharing the people and things that make us all feel good.

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