Chicago Food To Go 8/7 & 8/8

August 5, 2021 7:20PM

Chicago Food To Go supports and features restaurants in the Chicago suburbs and neighborhoods. This week Chicago Food To Go returning to some of favorite spots across Chicago and checking out what's new with them. 

This Weeks Restaurants include:

Rye Deli & Drink

Address: 25 S Halsted St, Chicago, IL 

Website: https://www.ryechicago.com

Social: @ryechicago


Bianca's Burger

Address: 125 S. Clark St - Revival Food Hall

Phone: 847-276-1911

Website: revivalfoodhall.com/biancas-burgers

Social: @burgers_by_bianca

Lola's Coney Island

Address: 2858 W Chicago Ave - Humboldt Park

Phone: 773-687-9459

Website: lolasconeyisland.com

Social: @lolasconeyislandchi

14 Parish Restaurant & Rhum Bar

Address: 1644 E 53rd St - Hyde Park

Phone: 312-291-8379

Website:  14parish.com

Social: @14parishchicago


Address:  1010 S Delano Ct - South Loop

Phone:   312-964-5150

Website:  pacinoschicago.com

Social: @pacinoschicago

The Grail Cafe

Locations: 715 S. Dearborn St, Chicago IL

Website: https://www.thegrailcafe.com

Social: @thegrail.cafe


Address: 1159 W Taylor St, Chicago, IL 60607

Website: https://www.kurimuchicago.com

Social: @kurimuchicago

The Orginal Rainbow Cone

Address: Beverly - Lombard - Navy Pier

Website: rainbowcone.com 

Social: @theoriginalrainbowcone

When to watch:

Saturdays 10A on The U & Sundays 11:30A on CW26