All American

Mondays 7P It’s been a long journey in just a short period of time for gifted high school football star Spencer James (Daniel Ezra), from his days as the breakout player at South Crenshaw High to becoming state champion with Beverly Hills High. His family life, personal relationships and athletic future all changed and grown in ways he never imagined. But after the rough year that followed that victory, Spencer maked the tough decision to return to South Crenshaw High for his senior year with Billy Baker (Taye Diggs) by his side as the new head coach. Together, their plan is to bring home a football championship to save the school. However, in season three that may prove difficult as the high stakes of the Beverly/Crenshaw rivalry become very personal now that it’s friend versus friend, and father versus son. Furthermore, the medical mystery surrounding Spencer’s injured arm will not only significantly affect his game on the field, but also his relationships off the field, as they all try to navigate a very complicated, secret filled senior year at both Beverly and South Crenshaw.


Actress Bre-Z Cuts Hair in Chicago

Season 2 of The CW's 'All American' premiered last night. Best known as playing "Coop," actress Bre-Z has also gained fame as a rapper. But something very few people know...she's actually got some serious skills with a set of hair clippers because she used to be a barber! Our Brandon Pope took her to Urbane Blades in Chicago for some cuts and conversation with fans.

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