Family Guy

Foreign Affairs More

Lois and Bonnie travel to Paris, where Bonnie has an affair with a Frenchman in a wheelchair; Peter decides to home school Meg and Chris.

Bob's Burgers

The Bleakening - Part One


The Game

I'm Not Kelly Pitts More

Chardonnay must hide her friendship with Tasha from Jason, while dealing with the re-emergence of his football persona. Keira reaches out to Blue, after talking with Malik, and apologizes for concealing her virginity.

The Game

I Love Luke...AHH! More

Blue missteps in his new role as Keira's "homeboy," when he trys to sabotage her relationship with her new co-star. Malik receives a devastating blow when he learns his past is preventing him from advancing in his future.

Paid Program


Impractical Jokers

The Great Escape


How I Met Your Mother

Stuff More

Ted and Robin get hung up on the items each of them has kept from previous relationships; and Lily forces the gang to see her in a play, prompting Barney to do the same.

Supreme Justice


Supreme Justice