The return of Stargirl is right around the corner! Tune in to a super-powered Tuesday as Stargirl and The Justice Society of America begin their fight against their toughest foe yet, Eclipso.  

However, before the battle begins, maybe you’ll need a little refresher on who’s part of DC’s first superhero team, The Justice Society of America. 

Leading the super squad is none other than Stargirl. With the powers from the cosmic staff that was handed down to her from Starman, Courtney Whitmore took up the mantel to re-form the JSA and lead it against its foes.  

Assisting Stargirl is none other than her very own stepdad, Pat Dugan. In the early days of the JSA, Dugan was Starman’s sidekick know as Stripes. Today, Dugan has long retired fighting crime face to face. Now using his expert mechanical skills, he built a worthy sidekick to Stargirl in the form of a massive robot know as S.T.R.I.P.E. 

Next up is Stargirl's first recruit to the JSA, Wildcat. After forming a friendship with Yolanda Montez, Courtney recognizes her heroic personality impressive boxing abilities offer her the chance to become the new Wildcat and join the JSA in the fight against the ISA. 

Following Wildcat’s recruitment, Blue Valley’s brightest student, Beth Chapel, paid a visit to the Whitmore-Dugan household and picked up Dr. Mid-Nite's goggles. When she put them on, they began to work, and with her unique and good personality, bonded with the former DR. Mid-Nite's artificial intelligence. Thus, making her the new superhero and newest member of the JSA.  

Finally, Rick Harris was the son of the original Hour-Man Rex Tyler. When Courtney found this out she attempted to recruit Rex after noticing a mysterious hourglass artifact would react around Rick but Rick declined to join. With help of Beth’s A.I. goggles to show what really happened to Ricks parents on the night of their death, Rick followed his father's footsteps and became Hourman and joined the JSA to avenge his parent’s death at the hands of Solomon Grundy.  

Now that the teams assembled be sure to grab your cape and join Stargirl and the JSA during the season premiere of DC’s Stargirl, Tuesday, at 7P on CW26.