St. Rita High School is showing 'Seinfeld' some appreciation

From Festivus quotes to the "dindo ate your baby" line, almost everybody has their favorite moment from the 90's comedy. However, the next generation will be leaving these behind, or will they?

At St. Rita High School, Seinfeld is being revived among the students. Jerry Pazin, history teacher and Seinfeld club advisor, told the Chicago Reader how this club got started.

"When I started teaching, I'd make Seinfeld references in class, and there would be five or six guys who'd laugh...five years ago I had a kid in class, a junior, and at the end of the school year, he told me, "Mr. Pazin, I have a great idea for a club. I think you're the perfect person to pull it off. It would be a Seinfeld club."

It seems that the next generation of Seinfeld fans are in the making at St. Rita High School.

You can watch Seinfeld at 10 & 10:30 PM on The U!