Rogers Park murders, suspect seen on surveillance video

Two people have been killed in a North Side neighborhood and police have the suspect on video. Detectives say they believe he is from Rogers Park and is still there.

Rogers Park is now flooded with extra patrols, but people are still uneasy. In a community meeting Wednesday night, CPD released new video of the suspected shooter.

It is really difficult to make out any facial identifiers because he is masked all the way up to his eyes. The first video shows the suspect walking calmly down the 1400 block of Sherwin Avenue, moments before the shooting of the first victim.

The other clips show the suspect jogging in an alley, right after that first shooting. The second victim, a 24-year-old, was shot in the head Monday night.

Police say, based on their ballistic investigation, both men were killed by the same gun. Detectives say the suspect has a distinctive way of running, with his feet pointing outward.

Some locals wonder if the attacks can be hate crimes or gang initiation crimes, but so far police have no motive. Area North detectives were asked to also keep an eye on the neighborhood.