Police announce improvements to Lollapalooza security

More than 100,000 people are expected to pack Grant Park for each day of Lollapalooza. Officials are hoping to keep them safe, with tighter security restrictions than ever before.

It will be similar to going through an airport, with metal detectors, restrictions on items and liquids you can bring and an increase in undercover police officers. It is all to prevent something similar to what happened in Vegas last year.

The Vegas shooter, Stephen Paddock, had two rooms booked at the Blackstone hotel overlooking Lollapalooza last year. He never showed.

That alarming finding means this time around hotels are a major focus of security efforts. Every hotel lining Grant Park will undergo daily security checks.  The department is also widening its patrol perimeter to include adjacent streets and high rises. Expect to see helicopters, massive spotlights on buildings, and sniper teams on standby, with officials saying safety is their number one priority.