Organizers plan to shutdown O'Hare on Labor Day

Organizers of the Coalition for a New Chicago are planning to block traffic in and out of O’Hare Airport on Labor Day, September 3rd.  

Reverend Gregory Seal Livingston, the lead organizer says they're bringing in a group of people who will determine what the best route is.

Right now, they're thinking about blocking the Kennedy Expressway and the routes that people take to leave.

However, preparation is needed because a shutdown of O’Hare has never happened before, but Rev. Livingston says that's the only way to get Mayor Rahm Emanuel's attention.

At the Lake Shore Drive protest, there was a much smaller crowd than anticipated, but it was a peaceful march to Wrigley Field.

Livingston reassured everyone that they have a coalition and organizers who are ready to make this happen.