Nazi propaganda over CPD radio transmission

While Chicago was busy lighting up fireworks this Fourth of July, CPD officers and anyone who listens to the scanners were puzzled to find out they were listening to Nazi propaganda.

This was an unauthorized audio transmission over Chicago Police radio frequencies. According to the Chicago Tribune, it was from a Nazi propaganda film.

Experts say many of the keywords were very distinct, such as 'volk’ which is the German people and Deutschland which is Germany itself.

Wednesday evening, on July 4th, the audio completely interrupted police radio frequency for about four minutes just after 8 p.m., which can be detrimental in case of an emergency.

Loyal police scanner listeners chimed in. One Twitter user said, “Literally a Hitler speech is being played.”

Right now investigators are trying to discover how and why parts of this speech were aired. They are calling this a rogue radio transmission, which is a generic term for unauthorized transmission, not a city user's audio.

Chicago’s Office of Emergency Management and Communications says, “We are partnering with our local and federal partners regarding the continued investigation into the unauthorized use of the city's radio system.”